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Button P and U Keypress programming not working in v 5.13, OK in v 5.124

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Hi Peter
I'm not sure if this is associated with the problem in the previous post or not...
Having set Useprofiles=Files, I have the following entries for buttons 1 and 2 in the [Buttons] section of my 737 profile file ..........
4=PA,2,K50,9  -{Key press: shft+2}-
23=UA,2,K51,9  -{Key press: shft+3}-
24=PA,1,K52,9  -{Key press: shft+4}-
25=UA,1,K53,9  -{Key press: shft+5}-
The two pairs of entries are each designed to display a pair of panels simultaneously using the button press and release actions, (and dismiss the panels on the next button operation).
These entries work perfectly in FSUIPC v5.124, but do not work in v 5.13. I can simply swap the v 5.13 dll for the 5.124 dll with everything in the modules folder identical, to make these entries work again.
I'm running P3d v4.2.21.24048 on Windows 10 v 1709.16299.334.
Dave Nash
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