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ERJ145 V2 problems to programmed


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Hi ,

I am new in the Forum and have the following problem with: ERJ 145 V2

                 - to programmed the buttons and signal lights with FSUIPC or Spadnext

Espacialy for the master caution or the master warning lights and the Overhead panel I didn’t find a way.


ERJ145 V2 works with FSUIPC or only Simconnect or nothing of both ( own Offsets )?

How can I programme the master lights or find a Fsuipc Offset  which work with ERJ145 ?

How can I programme  the FGC  because in the SIM. of ERJ145 it works different like the default plane in FSX?

ok I am really not a it-specialiste and my english old   :)

 In thanks for each helps

Best regards


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Any programmable switches, buttons anf levers are noted within the configuration utility.  Make sure the configuration utility, FS's configuration and FSUIPC are a in agreement for an assignment or the conflict will make programming impossible.

If a specific item isn't noted within the configuration utility you need to create a custom macro using FSUIPC.

The specifics of simconnect and the plane need to be answered by Alex, the code writer for the ERJ, or Vic (also does some coding and runs feelThere).

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Ok, I will again control all the configurations espacialy the configuration utility.

Really I have spend so much time and the feeling says me that some ERJ functions works only in the 2D- or virt.cockpit, are not programmalbe

for an own cockpit, in an other way the glasscockpit of the ERJ is fantastic, so I must find a way :)

I will look if the configuration tool of ERJ recognized the saitek panel because with spadnext for an amateur it is impossible to program,

example the FGC functions, exactly like ERJ, starting with the VS, IAS,Nav etc ( heading, AP no problem ). Or I must build an own FGC Modul with an USB-card.

The Overhead of ERJ is finish.

You will get an answer if I succed.

In Thanks





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Hi Alex,

I have look into the Erj Files and I can not find the base variables of the gauges. Where can I find them, espacialy for the FGC functions ?

My Idea is to copy them into the Fsuipc and to allocated it too a button ? ( I am not a specialist  :)  )

Are they in the .GAUG Data ?

Is it not better that Feelthere creat a addon for 10-15€ which make a bridg between ERF an Fsuipc - I am sur that a lot of peopel buy it.

In thanks





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Hi Roland


There is no place from which you can extract internal data as they are well blackboxed unfortunately.

Back in fs9/fsx days I created extra module for another plane, allowing extracting internal data, "click" buttons, virtually everything, allowing to transfer them further into FSUIPC or any other addon but there was very little interest. Cockpit builders support is more business than technical thing, and it's out of my hands.

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