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Assign a Yoke button to activate Autopilot ( PMDG-737 )

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My system : FSX DELUXE
            FSUIPC4 Version 4.8
            O/S : WINDOWS 10
            York and rudder: from Saitek

I assigned the keyboard sign : Z to activate the Autopilot.This works.

My next step is to assign a Yoke button to activate the Autopilot.
All my trials failed which means I did something wrong.
See attached screen shot.

Can you explain how to do it as it seems a complicated process.

Thank you


Screenshot (19).png

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Why are you sending on press AND release - try one or the other (and you probably don't want to repeat!).

PMDG do not use the standard P3D controls for many functions but use their own custom controls. You can take a look at the SDK documentation to see what controls are available.

You could try assigning to FS control 'AP Master', which is what the 'Z' key sends. Otherwise you can try assigning the button directly to the keypress (left hand side of your screenshot).

If that doesn't work, you have two further options: Mouse Macros or possibly LVARS. Mouse macros should be relatively straight forward - please see the FSUIPC documentation in your documents subfolder for this. I am not sure about LVARs - you can try using the 'List LVars' control to see if there are any for autopilot functions, or use the 'log lvars' lua script





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