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  1. Yes. I will release a beta version of FSUIPC7 for MSFS on the 18th. I'll post more details in the Announcements section before the 18th. John
  2. You should update to 6.0.10. Can you take a look in the 'Event Viewer' (a standard Microsoft utility, should be installed)). Look under Windows Logs -> Applications, and see if there is an error report there for WideClient. If so, please post the details. Thanks, John
  3. No - for FSX, you need FSUIPC4, not FSUIPC3 (again, assuming by FSU you mean FSUIPC). As Pete advised, you will need to try this to see if works (with FSUIPC4).
  4. Hi Stefan, I don't know! FSUIPC doesn't really support force feedback directly - from the user manual: However, it is possible that some FFB systems are driven by the FSUIPC offsets. You need to check with the software provider if this is the case. If it does use FSUIPC offsets, then whether it works or not in MSFS would depend on which offsets are used and whether they are populated in FSUIPC7/MSFS. John
  5. Hi Joe, no, sorry - there is no offset for GPU memory. You could also try the "game bar" performance meter - windows key + G (Widget menu -> Performance) John
  6. It's a bit more involved than that. I can't really say anymore due to the NDA. I'll post an announcement on MSFS/FSUIPC on the 18th, and try and include information on what we know isn't currently working, either due to facilities now working or currently not available in MSFS, or due to not yet being implemented in FSUIPC7. John
  7. The increment and decrement controls for aileron/rudder trim are still available, its just the axes controls that are (currently) not available for assignment. What makes you think this? Saitek device compatibility for MSFS/FSUIPC7 is the same as for FSUIPC6/5/4, i.e. yoke and throttle should be recognised and assignable but you would need SPAD or SPAD.next (or maybe lua) for radio panels, multi-switch boxes, etc. John
  8. The reason for this is that there are currently no facilities to access lvars in the MSFS SDK (i.e. no panels access). We have requested such facilities, and if/when provided, the relevant lvar functions will be re-instated.
  9. The LUA interface will be available. Some functions will no longer work and will be removed (e.g. lvar access) , but the majority should be ok. I don't know about LINDA. John
  10. Its currently only available to MSFS third party developers due to restrictions on SDK access.If you are an MSFS third party developer, check the MSFS forum for details on how to access.
  11. Your registration details work here, although I have not tried to register via the installer. I've PM'ed you a key file. Please try that. If you have a WideFS license that you wish to add (using the same name/email), then you can add another line with your WideFS key as follows: WideFS=your 12 digit WideFS key John
  12. It will not be possible to add menu items to the sim. I will add a facility to add a menu item (possibly with submenus) to the FSUIPC7 menu bar (via the dll mechanism and offset 2FE0), but this functionality may not be available upon initial release. John
  13. Generally yes, but with a few changes: - no ALT modifier for key assignments, no masking of key assignments (due to SDK issues) so you need to ensure the key is not assigned in the sim - key assignments function when MSFS has focus AND when FSUIPC7 has focus - the following axes are no longer available: KEY_AILERON_TRIM_SET, KEY_RUDDER_TRIM_SET John
  14. Yes. I will post again with updated information when we hear anything.
  15. No. That doesn't use a 64-bit SimConnect.dll. It uses the old 32-bit SimConnect.lib. We can't go back to 32-bit. John
  16. I think they are actually parameters to the Rotor Brake control, which has been re-purposed in the FSLabs A3xx aircraft.
  17. How have you assigned your axes? In FSUIPC or in FSX? If the former, please show your FSUIPC4.ini file. Have you changed your "default assignments? Are you not using "profiles"? Strange. That screenshot (pretty useless as it is) just says that your axis aren't being processed by FSUIPC. I'm sure you haven't. Don't worry, it's probably something simple that you've missed. But, before we can help, you need to provide further information: - your FSUIPC4.ini and FSUIPC4.log files - more information on what you actually did. I'm sure that you didn't just install the aircraft and then try and calibrate. Did you assign? Are you using profiles (again) [and if not, why not?]? And if you uninstall, and your FSUIPC.ini file hasn't change, it can't possibly affect other aircraft. Have you changed the "default" (i.e. valid for ALL aircraft) assignment profile? John
  18. Please see the link in the post previous to yours. I am locking this topic. John
  19. I don't know. Really, everything should just work when using OneDrive. I have used OneDrive for FSUIPC before without issues. I started to get issues as I use FSUIPC on multiple PCs, sharing the OneDrive account, and I did not want these different installations to share the same add-on.xml. They don't. They select your Documents folder. The location for this is determined by the registry. I'm not sure how OneDrive works, whether it updates this location. or if it acts 'under-the-covers' and silently keeps your docs in sync to OneDrive. Either way, I think there are some issues with your OneDrive set-up, as it really shouldn't interfere with the installation process. No problem. Glad its now sorted. Happy flying! John
  20. If you continue to have problems using the Documents folder, it may be better to install using the old DLL.xml method. To do this, just uncheck the 'add-on.xml' box during the installation process. You can still install in C:\FSUIPC using this method.
  21. I don't think this is enough. The problem is that your Documents folder is still being managed by OneDrive, even if its not running. You need to remove management of Documents from OneDrive (temporarily). Or it could (maybe) be a permissions problem. Can you manually create a folder (using Explorer, for example) under your Documents folder and under your Documents\Prepar3d v5 Add-ons folder? What do you see under your OneDrive Documents\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons folder?
  22. Ok, so FSUIPC6 is not installing correctly as it cannot write the \FSUIPC6\add-on.xml file to your ...\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons folder. It seems like an issue with OneDrive. Can you either (temporarily) disable OneDrive completely, or remove your Documents folder from OneDrive before you install? You can also try removing the FSUIPC6 folder under ...\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons to see if it gets re-created.
  23. What actually happens when you run the installer? The Modules folder is no longer used/needed with FSUIPC6, unless you select that directory as the installation directory. I'd rather avoid this.
  24. No, the add-on.xml file will go into your Documents\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\FSUIPC6 folder. Is FSUIPC6 installed correctly? i.e. can you see FSUIPC in the P3D add-ons menu? Is it the correct version? If not, could you re-run the installer - don't uninstall manually first, the installer will automatically uninstall if a previous version was detected. Install into the same location (C:\FSUIPC), then show me both your install and uninstall logs, both from C:\FSUIPC. Well, lets check that you have FSUIPC6 installed and running first. I don't know or use the Aivlasoft EFB, but if it requires FSUIPC then you will need to make sure that it is installed and running first. Once thats done, you can check again. John
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