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  1. Yes - it seems to me that the problem isn't that they have changed which weight is in each index, which isn't an actual issue, but that they are not actually updating the indexed simvar PAYLOAD STATION WEIGHT with the correct values/weights, which is why the FSUIPC offsets are reporting 0 for each of the offsets associated/mapped to this simvar. John
  2. I have just taken a look at what the offsets hold for both the stock A320 and the FBS A320 (development). This is what I see in the offsets for the stock A320: The strings are pretty useless as they are the internationalized version which has been truncated. I will make a note and look into correcting these. There are 6 payloads provided, although the final one is 0. For the FBW A320 (development) I see the following: So it is providing 10 payload weights, but they are all 0. You really need to raise this with the FBW team. John
  3. You posted in the FAQ syb-forum where it explicitly states NOT for support requests. I have moved your post to the FSUIPC7 support forum, although you do not even say what simulator or version of FSUIPC you are using, or if using at all. What sim are you using? Which version? Have you installed FSUIPC, and if so which version?
  4. Try activating lua debug logging as well as logging for Buttons & Keys and produce a FSUIPC7.log file and show that to me, together with your FSUIPC7.ini. I will move this topic to the FSUIPC7 / MSFS support forum. John
  5. FSUIPC doesn't do anything with key presses/releases unless you ask it to, except for the default hot key to open/close FSUIPC7 which is Alt + F (and can be changed or disabled). You can activate logging for Buttons & Keys, as well as Events, and open the Console and you can see what key presses are detected and any actions taken in real time. Also check your key bindings in MSFS.
  6. First, you posted in the FAQ sub-forum where it explicitly states NOT for support requests. I have moved your post for you, but please take care to post in the correct place for help. If you previously registered, your details will be correct. You can use the same FSUIPC7.key file if you still have that on your old PC (you should copy it across anyway, together with your .ini and any lua, macro, dll files, etc. However, if its a new PC I suspect that you need to install the VC++ redistributables. Please see the Installing and Registering FSUIPC7.pdf document, section Invalid Key Problems. John
  7. I'm not sure I fully understand the issue. Reading that link, it just seems that the index numbers have changed for the various weights. FSUIPC7 holds indices 1-61 of the PAYLOAD STATION WEIGHT simvar, so all the weights you need should be in the offsets area to do the calculation. Or is this something that the PayloadService does? If so, maybe this is more of a question for @Paul Hentyand should be moved to the .Net dll Client sub-forum? John
  8. PMDG aircraft don't play well with FSUIPC's calibration facilities due to priority levels. Try assigning with 'Send to FS as normal axis' to the older AXIS THROTTLE n Set controls and don't calibrate in FSUIPC (i.e. remove/delete any throttle calibration already done). You should sort out your initial problem first, and then see if this problem still persists. If so, try logging the axis values to see what values are being sent when each throttle lever is moved - if they are in the same position, they should be sending the same values. If not, maybe try calibrating in windows controllers. John
  9. Its strange that you had a UserCfg.opt file in the steam location if you have never installed that version. Very strange! The installer checks the steam location for the UsrCfg.opt file and if it finds it it assumes that you have a steam install, and if not an MS store install. If you have a UsrCfg.opt file in the steam location, it will assume that you have a steam install and to correct this you have to remove (or rename) that file. Anyway, glad you solved your issue. John
  10. Yes, just change the following entries to the new GUIDs when you connect your new device: You can also remove these entries from your FSUIPC7.ini: John
  11. Make sure that you are using the 'JoyLettters' facility before you do anything - see the User guide for details. Once you are using joyletters, when you connect your new device you just need to change the the letter GUID entry, so if your X56 is assigned the letter A (for example), change A.GUID={<oldGUID>} to A.GUID={<newGUID>} and you should be good-to-go. John
  12. Its in the WideFS7 package (or WideFS6) available from www.fsuipc.com or in the download section of this forum. John
  13. Ok. Didn't sound like it from your description... Most manuals are written for users, not developers. The developer manuals are part of the SDK. Please at least peruse the Installation and Registration manual, and better before installing. You should also take a look at the User manual, just to have an overview of the functions provided. Then just consult the manuals as and when needed. You issue is a common one and there are already many posts on different ways to solve trim sensitivity. Try searching the forum for various solutions, or post again if you have difficulties. But please consult the provided documentation before posting questions - we provide a lot of documentation to try and reduce the number of support requests, especially for common issues. John
  14. Yes, I moved your post to the FSUIPC7/MSFS support forum. In the Community folder? You should NOT install FSUIPC7 in the Community folder. Only the FSUIPC7 WASM module gets installed into the community folder. Is there...how strange! What is that menu? Nothing to do with FSUIPC7, which is a completely separate application from MSFS and has its own main window and menu bar. Well, as I don't know what that menu is, I suggest that you first read the README.txt and the Installing and Registering FSUIPC7.pdf documents, both included in the zip file that you downloaded. Then take a look at the User guide (which will be installed under your windows Documents folder, in a sub-folder called FSUIPC7). Thanks, bur we always recommend you install and use with the trial license before purchasing (available in a sticky post at the top of this sub-forum)if only using for a specific function. Too late now, but you should be able to sort your issue with FSUIPC7.... John
  15. As Pete has said - but you should really leave a space after the 'lua', i.e. ...as Pete has already commented. John
  16. Yes, doing that would run MSFS as admin which would then run FSUIPC7 as admin. It does sound like permissions issues, and it is strange if this is on a non-C drive. Maybe try moving it to another location/drive to see if you get the same issue. Not a good idea to run FSUIPC if it can't create the logs, as this means that it also can't update your .ini, so no assignments can be saved. I see you are also using Windows 11. Be aware that I haven't tried/tested FSUIPC on windows 11 yet.
  17. You need to start the TrippleUseLia (or, in your case, zelTripleUse.lua) from the [Auto] section of your FSUIPC7.ini - see the Advanced User guide if you don't know how to do this. It will then run when you start a flight and handle the button presses. Looks like you are starting it on a button press, which is not really applicable to this type of lua - it should be running all the time. So please try that first. If you still have issues, can you please show me a full FSUIPC7.log file, not a continuation log, and also attach your FSUIPC7.ini. John
  18. You could try using the attached WASM, which will work with hvars not preceded by 'H:'. Just replace the file in your Community/fsuipc-lvar-module/modules folder: FSUIPC7_WASM.wasm Also replace the layout.json file (in the /fsuipc-lvar-module folder) with the following: layout.json
  19. Yes, thats fine, as the aircraft title is "Cessna Skyhawk G1000 Asobo" and so has 'G1000' in the title, so the jvar file is loaded. The problem is with the G1000.hvar file. You need to add a 'H:' before each hvar name. I will correct this in the next WASM release so this is optional (and the provided hvar files will work as is), but for the time being make sure that each hvar name in your .hvar files are preceded with 'H:'. John
  20. What has this got to do with the Tripleuse.lua? To use that, simply change the joy and btn variables in the script, as well as the control numbers you wish to use for the single, double and long press. And to see what is happening if you have issues, enable lua debug logging (as well as events) and take a look at the log. And so what has this got to do with the TripplrUse.lua? That is for three actions on the same button (hence triple use!). The assignments you posted are compound assignments to button 16 which depend on the state if button 29, and standard assignments to buttons 34 and 38. What isn't working with that? Try logging buttons & keys as well as events to see what is happening. Note that if button 29 is not a switch or sticky button (i.e. it sends a press followed by a release directly) then maybe the button is always unpressed so you only get the one action. If this is the case, you should use a flag condition instead (see P21 of Advanced user guide). But logging should tell you what is happening.
  21. Did you rename the hvar file so that it is loaded with the aircraft you are using? To check, can you see the hvar in the Add-ons->WASM->Activate Hvar... menu item, and if so does it work there? If not, please let me know the aircraft you are using + any mods and I will check here. Ah, ok. I haven't checked with the WT G1000 mod. However, it is strange that it works via calculator code and not using the hvar directly. I will check this tomorrow and get back to you. John
  22. Yes - the simconnect log was only to check if you were reaching the connection limit. From your symptoms, I doubt very much if this is the case, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just change the maxClient entries to 128 and leave it at that. If it still crashes (which it will most probably do)m then you need to report to Asobo, as I said: There is really nothing more I/we can do with this, but please report back if you find out what is causing your issue. John
  23. You can use the MF WASM if you want to use those events, but the events are translated by the MF WASM and to calculator code which can simply activate lvars/hvars/etc, although some of the code is more complex. You can see what calculator code each MF event uses using the preset app list here: https://hubhop.mobiflight.com/#/list Check what the MF presets use. Did you try with the G1000.hvar file (included in the HvarFiles subfolder)? This was created quite a while ago now and may be out of date, I'll review those hvar files when I get a chance. The hvars may also be different if using a mod for the G1000 (e.g. the WorkingTitle G1000 mod). What aircraft and/or mod are you using?
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