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My code below works when I boot P3D and FSUIPC is detected as having connected (the label changes from default red to green).

When I close P3D, the label remains green when I am expecting it to turn red again. 

Any ideas why this happens?




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I pasted it in then deleted it as I couldn't put the cursor above the quote to type my message, then forgot to paste it back! Sorry, here it is:


  Private Sub fsuipcTimer_Tick(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles fsuipcTimer.Tick



        End Try

        If FSUIPCConnection.IsOpen Then
            fsuipcStatus.BackColor = Color.DarkGreen
            fsuipcStatus.BackColor = Color.Red
        End If

    End Sub


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The DLL thinks the connection is still open because you're not doing any process() calls.

Because of the way FSUIPC works, the DLL can only know that P3D has been closed by trying to talk to it. During a process(), if the sim is not answering then the DLL knows the 'connection' is lost. Only then will the IsOpen flag be set to false. Unless you call Process() there is no attempted communication with P3D.

If you need a good starting point for an application with the automatic connection handling already written, please check out the FSUIPC application templates available on the website...


Even if you don't use them as templates, you can see the best way handle the connection and main program loop by looking at the code.






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