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HOTAS Warthog With FSUIPC5

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Hello all,

I just bought the FSUIPC5 and I have the HOTAS Warthog.

Can someone please share his profile for this joystick in FSUIPC5 ???

I am a beginner and I think it will take me too much time of how to configurate the joystick.


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Profiles are aircraft dependant. Also, you cannot really share files (the ini file) as your joystick ids (and GUIDs) will be different from other users using the HOTAS Warthog.

So I'm afraid your request doesn't really make much sense. 

It should be relatively straightforward to assign and calibrate your joystick. Please review the User Guide first, and then following the instructions.

One thing - before you start assigning and calibration, it is really worth using the 'Joy Letters' facility before you start. This will assign a fixed letter to your joystick device, which will prevent problems later if your joystick id changes (if, for example, you disconnect and reconnect to another USB port). See the 'Joy Letters' section of the User Guide on how to do this. You can also do this after you have assigned/calibrated your joystick device.

When you start to assign & calibrate, you should do all general assignments first (e.g. aileron, elevator, rudder, etc). Once you have your general assignments done, you can start using profiles, which are assignments/calibration for a specific aircraft (or set of aircraft) that augment and/or override the general assignments. Again, check the user guide for details on how profiles work.

It really is worth reviewing the documentation before you start, and if you run into any issues or have questions, you can post in this forum.



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