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Disconnect between FSUIPC & P3Dv4

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Good Morning Pete,

I have recently downloaded P3D and purchased a registered copy of FSUIPCv5, however I am having real difficulties in getting the button presses etc in FSUIPC to be recognised by the aircraft. In fact there seems to be a disconnect between the two!  On the face of it the settings I have set up in FSUIPC look fine.  I am trying to set up a default plane at the moment.  I have two throttle quadrants, a Yoke and Rudders (although the rudders I haven't attempted to set up yet). I leave the hat switch set through the flight sim controls. 

I attach the latest config file, log and joyscan file- I have tried deleting the config file and starting from scratch!

I would add that I have FSUIPCv4 set up with FSX on the same hard drive and have no issues with this set up - now or over recent years.

Hope you are able help.





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do you mean that you are programming the button ok, but then this is not working in the sim? Your button assignments look ok, all assigned to a profile called 'Single Prop No Two', which is just for the 'Mooney Acclaim With G1000'. You have no general assignments. If its not working for that aircraft, can you activate 'Button and Key operations' logging and 'Events (non-axis controls)' logging from the FSUIPC logging tab. Activate a programmed button and post your log file.

9 hours ago, Doussie said:

I have two throttle quadrants, a Yoke and Rudders

Your files show only 1 throttle quadrant connected.

9 hours ago, Doussie said:

I leave the hat switch set through the flight sim controls. 

Which mans that you have controllers enabled? This is generally a bad idea and can cause issues - you should either assign in the sim or assign in fsuipc (see page 33 of user manual).

If you disable controllers in P3D, you can assign your hat to the sims 'Pan View' axis in the Axis Assignment tab (with 'Send to FS as normal axis').

Also try a general assignment to see if that works, as opposed to a profile specific assignment (although both should work, of course).

A couple of tips (not related to your problem):

 - manual set AutoAssignLetters to Yes in your ini file (or assign letters to your devices) - see 'Joy Letters' section of User manual, page 21. This will prevent possible USB problems if you re-connect to a different hub

- try adding ShortAircraftNamesOK=Substring to the [General] section of your ine. You can then adjust you profile assignment section to something like
         1=Mooney Acclaim
  which would then cover all variants (see appendix 2 on page 53 of Advanced manual



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Hi John,

Thanks for coming back to me so quickly. Yes the button programming looked OK but wasn't being recognised in the Sim.  I've now assigned the 'Pan View' within FSUIPC and disabled the controllers within P3D and that seems to have resolved the issue.  

It is odd that FSUIPC only appears to be recognising one quadrant as I am able to programme buttons from both quadrants!

Thank you for your help (including the additional tips), much appreciated.



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