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History of early FSUIPC 3 and calibration problems

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A "long" time ago (2004) I built my simulator (Simkits & FSBUS) and at that time I purchased FSUIPC 3 version3.30. Unfortunately I had to mothball my sim shortly after it was completed. Well... the time is here pull it out of storage and start flying again. I seem to recall there was a notice sent out that said that there was a problem with the calibration with that version and it was "only using half the available scale", or something like that. Is my memory somewhat accurate or am I out to lunch? If in fact my recollection is correct, what version of FSUPIC should I be using?

Any help would be appreciated!!



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Hi Gundars,

that is a long time ago! I'm afraid I can't help much with your question - Pete will be back in 2 weeks or so and may possible remember the problem to which you are referring. However, you should just go to the download links page and download the latest FSUIPC3 version (for FS9 and earlier):

If you are now using a different sim and require FSUIPC4 or FSUIPC5 then you will require a new license.



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Hi John

Thanks for getting back to me! The SIM was fully functional when it was put away... I just have this recollection that a notice came out that calibration was being done with only half the available range. I will try your suggestion and wait for Pete's return.



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