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Big Problem since 5.151

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Since I installed 5.151 PW version and are unable to execute any flight on P3Dv4.5.

I am unable to separate Axis assignements e.g. Throttle axis will always move the Ailerons as well, Prop pitch will also move Rudders. This can be celarly seen in the Calibration menue.

Started the entire assignement process twice without eliminating these effects.

I thought I am rather skilled in setting-up Fsuipc, but this time I am lost.

Thanks for your help!


PS from 15.6. I am abroad for 2 weeks and will probably not be able to respond/react

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Hi John

Meanwhile I've cleaned-up the P3D controls, but there were only some "axis" controling buttons/keys left. no axis'

But the effect was, that the forced link between throttle lever and ailerons resp. prop control and elevator is repaired, ok.

However In Fsuipc I cannot calibrate the throttle anymore: In and Out values stay at 0, however the values change with lever movement in the Assignement menue.

Plus the throttle lever does not move anymore in most add-on aircraft in VC, but works correctly in e.g. the default AC11 Commander 114. However the lever movement is incorrect: lever only starts moving after about 50% throttle are reached.


The whole thing does seem Fsuipc-realated to me.

Waiting your help. The las ini and log files are attached

thanks for your help




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You need to use 'Axis Throttle Set' and not 'Throttle Set' if you want to calibrate as an axis. Or set to 'send Direct to FSUIPC Calibration' and use the Throttle or Throttle/SlewAlt control, but you must calibrate if you send it this way.

Also applies to your Aileron, Elevator and Rudder.



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Also, why do you have controls being sent when your axis go into and out of 0 (right hand side of Axis Assignment)?

1=0X,B,0,0,65697,0    -{ TO SIM: THROTTLE_SETEntering=THROTTLE_SET }-
3=0Y,B,0,0,65767,0    -{ TO SIM: PROP_PITCH_SETEntering=PROP_PITCH_SET }-
5=0Z,B,0,0,66292,0    -{ TO SIM: AXIS_MIXTURE_SETEntering=AXIS_MIXTURE_SET }-
7=1X,B,0,0,65695,0    -{ TO SIM: AILERON_SETEntering=AILERON_SET }-
9=1Y,B,0,0,65694,0    -{ TO SIM: ELEVATOR_SETEntering=ELEVATOR_SET }-
11=2X,B,0,0,66387,0    -{ TO SIM: AXIS_LEFT_BRAKE_SETEntering=AXIS_LEFT_BRAKE_SET }-
13=2Y,B,0,0,66388,0    -{ TO SIM: AXIS_RIGHT_BRAKE_SETEntering=AXIS_RIGHT_BRAKE_SET }-
15=2R,B,0,0,65696,0    -{ TO SIM: RUDDER_SETEntering=RUDDER_SET }-

I'm not sure what purpose these serve, if any.


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Hi John

You saved my day (or even my 2 weeks of vacations starting tomorrow)! I now can calibrate all axis. Had the other axis set as "Axis" except for the throttles.

Everything seems to be working now, incl. reversing.

Thank you for your help and for your addional hint regarding the right hand side Axis Assignment, which I removed.

Great support!



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