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39 minutes ago, isolR said:

how to create capt,fmc and f/o fmc with fsuipc offset or lua script

i can't find FMC keys offset in fsuipc offsets list

You need to say which actual 737 aircraft you need this for.  They will just as likely be controls, not 'offsets' in any case.

You can use the non-axis Event logging in FSUIPC (Logging Tab) whilst using the on-screen FMC's, then check in the Log file (in the Modules folder) to see if they generated events which you can then assign as controls in the button assignments Tab.



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1 hour ago, isolR said:

my fs is p3dv1.4 and add-on  is wilco 737 pilot in command evolution

I don't know the Wilco 737, so unless someone else who uses the same aircraft sees your question I'm afraid you'll need to hunt for solutions yourself. (It would have been better to state the name of the add-on in your title to attract such attention -- shall I change the title or will you?).

Maybe Wilco have their own support forum where such issues have been discussed? It is worth checking.

Otherwise here are some ideas:


1. As I said earlier, use FSUIPC Event logging to see what may be actually sent when you operate the FMC using mouse and keyboard. I expect that the keyboard will be used as it stands for actual input of data into the FMC. I have hardware CDU's where the keyboard on the CDU is used as the computer keyboard, the Function keys being used for the non-alphanumeric functions.

If you put P3D into Windowed mode (ALT+ENTER) and enable the Monitor logging on FSUIPC's logging tab you will be able to see the events on screen as you use the keys or mouse to operate the FMCs.


2. Mouse macros may work on that cockpit. It depends on how the gauges were written. Please check the FSUIPC User Guide for instructions.

If mouse macros don't work then the next option is more likely to:


3. You may be able to use Local Panel Variables (L:Vars). To find out, run the Log LVars.lua plug-in (it is in the Lua examples ZIP file in the FSUIPC documents subfolder). To run that copy it to the Modules folder, snd  assign a button or keypress to "Lua log Lvars". When you activate it you will get an on-screen list of LVars initially and as they change, so you can see what is operating the FMCs.





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