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Joystick freezes after seconds of working for PMDG

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After successfully using FSUIPC5 and P3Dv4 with the same joystick for a long time, I installed on another computer and my joystick driven by FSUIPC 5 for PMDG 737 900NGX freezes after 5 seconds of working.


If you have a new issue, could you please start a new thread - your problem does not seem to be related to this threads title!

More information is also needed - what version of FSUIPC are you using? What sim? How did you install on another computer - if you just copied across your ini file, this most likely won't work as your joystick ids (and GUIDs) will have changed.

Please start a new thread with the above information, and also attached your ini, log and joyscan.csv files (all from your Modules folder).


Hi John

FSUIPC version is 5.15

PMDG 737 800/900

P3D version 4

It did not copy anything, just installed all from scratch

All is calibrated and Axis assigned in PSUIPC and they are responding. I tried another joystick and it's the same. It works fine for default P3D aircraft.



FSUIPC5 Install.log



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In FSUIPC you only have the Elevator and a Throttle assigned:

0=4Y,256,D,2,0,0,0    -{ DIRECT: Elevator }-
1=4Z,256,D,0,4,0,0    -{ DIRECT: Throttle }-

You have them both assigned "direct to FSUIPC calibration", but you've only calibrated the Elevator!

You don't have a Profile for PMDG aircraft. It would be a good idea to create one, because PMDG Boeings do not work well with Throttles assigned in this way. For those add-on aircraft you really need to just assign to the regular FS controls (Axis throtte set), and not calibrate in FSUIPC.

You said you had this all working well on a previous computer. Where are the settings you used for that? Those would have been a good start for you on your new computer.

BTW your FSUIPC is out of date. The currently released version is 5.152.



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Thanks Pete for your reply

I play this game for eight years and I always had this configuration, being PMDG flight controls driven by FSUIPC and it was always perfect. Having flight controls driven by FS causes troubles such as not being able to set trimmers correctly before T/O and as a consequence, autopilot getting disengaged, plus other issues.

I only had elevators and throttles set because I'm lazy, but while further testing I removed FSUIPC completely from Modules folder and there is still the same problem so my complaining about FSUIPC was regrettable and I apologies.

I do not have previous setting in Modules folder as my old computer crashed and I did not backup this folder.

I may have to contact PMDG support. The only new thing of how my current setting behave is that PMDG is asking me to activate their product any time I start the simulator. This may cause issues, I think.

Thanks again and best regards

Kris Talikowski

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