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Weird Joystick calibration issue

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I have a weird issue with joystick calibration for my ailerons

I have P3D v4, FSUIPC V5.152 and prosim 737

I have deleted all joystick input in P3D and only use FSUIPC for joystick input, so no conflict should be happening there.

FSUIPC axis assignment is selected as  'send direct to FSUIPC Calibration',

So within the axis assignment tab in FSUIPC when I move my PFC yoke the  in/out data values track fine,

When I choose the Joystick calibration tab in FSUIPC the IN data values track fine but the 'Out' values flicker and in the main just read -16383 for my aileron, I am then unable to set up min-centre-max ranges

I am thinking this may be a win 10 update issue or my yoke aileron axis is faulty but the IN values from the yoke seem fine.

I have tried resetting/clearing and resetting the aileron axis

Does anybody know what happens between IN values becoming OUT values???

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Win 10 wouldn't have an effect on that. The IN value is what FSUIPC reads via the WIN API. If there is any calibration done within FSUIPC the the OUT value will be modified, else it is 1:1.

Best is always not to delete axes in FS/P3D, better is to disable Controls altogether. For P3Dv4 this is under Options->Controls->Other (Other is bottom left on Controls page).

Did you assign anything in ProSim for Controls? You can have only one place to assign controls.


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Thanks for the reply Thomas,

I only have the flight yoke set in FSUIPC,

I have the exact same issue with my steering tiller which is a different device, also set only in FSUIPC.

I have checked prosim 737 hasnt automatically set the yoke to an axis but I cant see any, I have turned off sioc server for my overhead as well and that hasnt helped.

This is a complete new installation of win 10, P3Dv4 and prosim.

I'll reinstall FSUIPC again and see if that helps.

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if you have no axes assigned in ProSim why did you then activate in ProSim 'Directinput support for joysticks' ? If you don't need it then leave it off.

Did you check nothing is assigned in P3D?

A re-install of FSCUIPC makes only sense if you also delete its current FSUIPC5.ini file, or rename it to keep it as a reference if needed.

Please send also your FSUIPC5.iniFSUIPC5.log and FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv files.


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