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L:vars and Macro file

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We've had great success with FSUIPC and found it very easy to use.

One feature we're trying to utilize now is accessing the L:vars from the aircraft model so we can interface the relevant switches.

We've looked through the Advanced User manual on the subject and cross checked with forums on creating a .mcro.txt file.

From what we understand when this file is copied over to the modules folder, we should be able to access those variables in one of the FSUIPC drop down menus.  Tried it multiple times and nothing shows in the drop down menu.

We have added LUA which show in the drop down menu; so don't know what we are doing wrong in this instance. 

Any thoughts or suggestion would be appreciated.


These are the steps we used:

1.      Identify the L:var variable by creating an Lvar log using FSUIPC.

2.      Create a new Text Document file:   1F111.mcro

4.      Open the file and add [Macros] in the first line.

5.      On the subsequent lines added the L:vars to be used: 

1    1=L:AP_FD=Toggle
4=L:AP_HDG=Toggle  etc....

6.      Save and copy the Macro file into the Modules folder – same directory with the FSUIPC4.dll

7.      Start FSX and Open FSUIPC

8.      Select the ‘Key Presses’ tab

9.      Check the ‘Profile Specific’ box.

1.  Press the ‘Set’ option

1.  Press the key we want to assign and scroll down the drop down menu to find the L:vars.  At this stage we can not locate any L:vars.


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usually such issues are caused by the editor adding a .txt extension to the file name - check the file extension is correct, and if not then rename.

If thats not the issue, can you attach your FSUIPC4.ini file and your 1F111.mcro file. Any macro files found in your directory should be in your ini in a [MacroFiles] section.



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Hi John,

That was the problem, there was a .txt extension. 

Once removed it populated in the drop down menu.

Awesome, thanks so much for the help and quick reply!

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