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Throttle sync position

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Please check the FSUIPC User Guide:


  • Throttle sync to sync Thr/Prop/Mix: When selected, this makes the Throttle Sync Hot Key (see the Hot Keys section) and the added Throttle Sync controls synchronise the Prop pitch and Mixture settings to the Engine 1 values, as well as the throttles.


  • Throttle Sync: This operates a facility to make all throttle inputs, for any engine, affect the throttle inputs to all engines. It’s a toggle function—if it is on then using it again turns it off. For best use of this facility you will want to also calibrate the separate throttles in FSUIPC’s Joysticks pages.

    If you are only using a single throttle then this won’t make a lot of difference except that every time you use it FSUIPC will make the throttle selection (i.e. the keypress E+1 ... etc) apply to all engines. However, it works a lot better even then if you’ve calibrated the throttle axis in FSUIPC’s Joysticks pages.

    If you also select the option to synchronise propeller pitch and mixture settings (see the Miscellaneous page), then the same Hot Key operates all three together. There again, if you are using joystick axes for propeller pitch and/or mixture you should calibrate them in FSUIPC’s Joysticks pages.

    If an assigned reverser axis is used whilst throttle sync is engaged, the sync action will be automatically cancelled.

    Note that this same facility can now be assigned to keypress or buttons/switches via the additional Throttle Sync controls in the drop-down assignments lists. As well as Toggle actions you can program On and Off actions separately.





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