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i have a little Lua Script which should set a offset when i start the sim .

function LightsCLEAR()
	ipc.setbitsUB(0x5301, 1)
	ipc.setbitsUB(0x5301, 2)
	ipc.setbitsUB(0x5301, 4)
	ipc.setbitsUB(0x5301, 8)
	ipc.setbitsUB(0x5301, 16)
	ipc.setbitsUB(0x5301, 32)
	ipc.setbitsUB(0x5301, 64)
	ipc.setbitsUB(0x5301, 128)
event.sim(ANY, "LightsCLEAR")

but it is only running, when i change the Time in the sim, as example from Day to Night.

Why is the script not running when i start the sim?

Or how can i run a script, when the sim starts?




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Hi MR,

Lua questions should really be posted in the main support forum. This sub-forum is for programming with .NET languages.

However, looking at the documentation, event.sim doesn't fire when the sim loads. Only on CLOSE, FLIGHTLOAD, FLIGHTSAVE and AIRCRAFTCHANGE.

You can run a LUA script when the sim has finished loading and is ready to fly by naming your LUA file 'ipcready.lua'. That might be useful to you.

I'm not an expert on LUA so if you need more help please ask in the main forum.

Kind Regards,


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oh, i am sorry about posting in the wrong section, maybe a admin can move the topic.

Thanks for the answer, i will try...




.... it works...thx

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