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Since the version EZCA v3 the changes of views via the command ipc.keypressplus are not always functional.

Some work as before and others not as described below.

Here is my code that to work must be sent twice:

    ipc.control(66508,414)-- 66508 = PANEL_ID_CLOSE FO ND
    ipc.control(66508,420)-- 66508 = PANEL_ID_CLOSE FO CDU
    ipc.control(66508,402)-- 66508 = PANEL_ID_CLOSE CPT CDU
    ipc.control(66508,415)-- 66508 = PANEL_ID_CLOSE FO PFD
    ipc.keypressplus(49,11,4)      FIRST
    ipc.keypressplus(49,11,4)    SECOND

This is the CTRL + SHIFT + 1 (main keyboard) combination to switch from the cockpit view to the exterior view.

The culprit is my code or EZCA v3 ?

Prepar3D 4.5, EZCA v3, FSUIPC 5.152.

Thank you in advance for your replies.



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it should work without the second Keypress send. It looks more like a problem on the receiver side, special as you say it happens since you updated to EZCA v3. Also does EZCA not take the keypress send only on first try or do you always need to send twice?

Btw - how does EXCA v3 behaves with direct keyboard input?


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