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Issues with E175 maintaining GS


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Hi there!

I recently picked up the E-Jets V2 for FSX and I've been very impressed so far. That being said, I've run into a bit of an issue that I haven't been able to solve using the manual or online forums. So far I have only flown the 175, so I have no idea if flying the 195 would produce the same results.

After configuring the approach and having both the 'LOC' and 'GS' indicators switch to active, the aircraft seems to follow the localiser's lateral guidance perfectly but struggles with the vertical guidance.

Most times, the jet will maintain the glideslope through a series of dives (say -1200 to -1500 fpm) followed by levelling off, all the way down to the threshold. Landing (when AUTOLAND is active) still occurs at the threshold, but I wanted to see if this is due to some error of mine or whether it's a known flight dynamic.


On the rare occasion, though, the aircraft will ignore the GS altogether. Once again, the approach is configured, NAV1/NAV2 tuned, CRS set, etc. LOC and GS will arm as usual, and then GS will become active when the glideslope comes alive. The problem is that despite this, the aircraft will either continue previous input (i.e. ALT maintain) and ignore the GS or enter a very steep dive (-4000 fpm +) directly into terrain. In this occasion, the only solution I've found is to disconnect the AP and fly the remainder of the approach fully manually. It's odd because in these cases the aircraft will still line up with and follow the localizer laterally when LOC becomes active, but ignores the glideslope when the GS comes active. If it's worth anything, AUTOLAND remains active even throughout this issue and still attempts to activate on touchdown (even in the case of the dive into terrain).

Again, it's totally possible that I've missed something in the manual or configured the approach somehow incorrectly, I just thought I'd see if anyone else had experienced the same or if anyone had any ideas as to what might be going wrong.





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Thanks for your reply!

20 hours ago, scoobflight said:

How are you setting Vapp?  How are you making the calculation?

When I program the V-speeds into the MCDU, all of that information is coming from calculating my Gross Weight in the PERF INIT tab and then looking up the corresponding values in the provided User Manual according to the conditions. 


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I tried adding 5 to Vapp and it actually made the first issue slightly worse. I then took to experimenting with the speeds and found I was able to stabilize a regular approach by actually subtracting 1-2 kts from the calculated Vapp. The issue persists but it is much less noticeable.

As for the issue of the AP ignoring the GS, I have not encountered the issue again since this post, so here's hoping it's fixed as well. If not, I'll come back here with new information.

Thanks again for your help 🙂

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