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Can anybody please advise if when you purchase an add on as a gift for someone, do you need to put their e mail address for BMT to send it to or can it come to my email address and for me to forward. I am fully aware it can only be downloaded onto 1 computer.

I have tried to contact the feelthere.zenedesk.com shown in the copied text below but it comes up as unrecognised, so am following the first address, this forum.

IF YOU WISH TO CONTACT US PLEASE EITHER VISIT OUR FORUM AT http://forum.simflight.com/forum/169-feelthere-support-forums/ OR USE THE CONTACT FORM AT feelthere.zendesk.com

many thanks

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after purchase two emails will be received: one with a product activation key and the second with the download link.

if there is a problem one of the pieces of information needed to collect a new download link or retrieve the activation key is the email account used to purchase.  also needed will be name and the purchasing credit card.

now you can download the product installer, say onto a thumb-drive, and also create a txt file with the activation key that is also saved onto the thumb-drive, and give this to the person (gives you something to wrap up!).

the download link can be shared later as that will be needed to collect any updates.

one thing - if the download link experiences multiple downloads from different IP addresses over a short time it will be flagged as being used to improperly share the download.  the link will be closed.  the link is reactivated by contacting feelThere's online purchase provider, BMTmicro, with the original purchase email and credit card information.

does the above answer your question?

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thank you for reply. My only comment being that so far when I have purchased add ons in the past I only receive 1 e mail, the one with the activation key.

BMT advise that if purchasing for someone, there is a  box or something to indicate purchase is a gift, follow the links and enter the recipients details and the e mail will go directly to them 

Seems the easy route to me especially as I am not over technically minded.




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