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max Gross weight and Max Fuel wrong.


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I have only checked and corrected the e190 for now but i am sure the rest are also wrong too.




my corrections:

LeftMain                                                         = -6.9, -15.0, -2.5, 2134, 0   // -3.9, -15.0, -2.5, 1535.5, 0
RightMain                                                        = -6.9,  15.0, -2.5, 2134, 0   // -3.9,  15.0, -2.5, 1535.5, 0

max_gross_weight                                                 =  115280.00

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3 hours ago, Matty260191 said:

take it you know best feelthere since this is not even worth the reply.


Check the 'Known Issues' post - FDE being worked on. This comes under FDE, along with your other post on the viewpoints. It really is much easier to just have the original post and not complicate it with further replies by us or by you (unless they bring new information). There's a lot of discussion and note taking gone on behind the scenes and the input from the likes of yourself is really appreciated, but hunting through to make sure every post is replied to is neither high on the list of priorities nor a sensible use of my limited time!

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