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Steering tile calibration

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Hello Pete and everyone,

For a long time now I use a rotary switch of my X52 with the function of a steering tiler and for that I use the FSUIPC internal assignment. All other axis are assigned directly via P3D. Although it works nicely there seems to be a calibration issue (or maybe initialization issue would be the best wording) because every time I start the simulator I have to turn the rotary to the full left/full right a few times in order for it to work flawlessly. If I don't perform this it will act erratically and not center the nosewheel when the rotary is right in the central position.

Thence I'd like to ask if there is a procedure or something that would prevent me from having to make this "initialization" and make it precise right from beginning.


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Is the rotary acting as an axis? FSUIPC doesn't know the position of your rotary when it starts, and will only receive the axis position and sent the relevant event/control with the position once it has moved. You shouldn't have to  "turn the rotary to the full left/full right a few times in order for it to work" though. Maybe you can try activating logging for 'Axis Controls' and generate a short log file of your start-up procedure to see what is being sent. Post/attach this, together with your ini file.




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