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FSUIPC destroyed - get wrong P3D v4.5 version ? My Error !

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Good evening

I do since many years VB6 programming thru FSUIPC. No issues and running alltime smooth.
Since yesterday I get back just FS version 12, rather then before correctly up to 45.Over network thru WideFS or local, the same.
We still get correct data from P3D but it seems values can not be written anymore.

My system:
- Prepar3D v4 SDK
- Windows 10 Pro, Build 18362.19h1_release.19318-1202, Default language German, Swiss keyboard
- Lenovo X1 Extreme, all updates done, latest BIOS installed, with nVidia 1050
- FSUIPC5, Version 5.153 (12th December 2019)
- WideClient v6.9.9.930, product version 6.999z4
updated to:
- WideClient v7.1.5.6, product version 7.156

I reinstalled yet FSUIPC and P3D client and SDK. No change.
We did not changed our VB6 code. The VB6-module file we use is dated 2 years ago.

Any ideas where to search to find how I messed up ?

Anyway we wish to everybody a nice X-mas tiem and a happy new year !
Best regards


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non of your headline is correct or makes sense!

Neither FSUIPC5.153 is destroyed in any function nor it doesn't read the wrong P3D version, as Your log file clearly shows.

This is from your log file, you can may check as well:


********* FSUIPC5, Version 5.153 (12th December 2019) by Pete & John Dowson *********
Running inside Prepar3D v4

Prepar3D.exe version =

    45109 Running in "Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4", Version: (SimConnect:

Maybe you can describe a bit more what you have changed?

If you also have a look into FSUIPC5 Offsets Status.pdf and looking for the Offset you read and complain about that it is wrong, you will find Offset 0x3308. I think this makes it very clear that your return of FS version 12 is correct. Documentation/ Manuals are lots of work and for sure helpful.


3308 2 FS version, as determined by FSUIPC: Currently only one of

1 = FS98
2 = FS2000
3 = CFS2
4 = CFS1
5 = reserved
6 = FS2002
7 = FS2004 “A Century of Flight”
8 = FSX 32-bit
9 = ESP
10=P3D 32-bit
11=FSX 64-bit
12=P3D 64-bit


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Dear Thomas

Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate.
I was saying - at least I wanted to say and state -  that an error is on our side, I was not giving any fault to FSUIPC.

Yes, I'm looking in offset 3308, I have to check what I messed up because backups of software shows P3d v4.5.
I will search there. Still I have also to find out why my writings are broken.

Best regards, thanks for help

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