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Radio Altimeter Callouts


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Really loving the EJets v3 so far! I'm having a lot of fun with it. One issue I noticed on my past few flights is that the radio altimeter callouts don't match the actual altitude the aircraft is at. Here is a link to a YouTube video <<CLICK ME>> which highlights what I am talking about. If you watch the RA box on the PFD, you'll observe that in this particular instance the "20" callout is actually played at 5 feet. Based on my own flights with the this isn't always the case. Sometimes the callouts are near what they should be, and sometimes they are quite off as demonstrated in the video. This can make flaring quite challenging sometimes, as the callouts are deceiving and make you think you are much higher than you are.

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40 minutes ago, scoobflight said:

Repeatable at the same airport in same approach?

Repeatable at all airports across various approaches. The inaccuracy depends on your descent rate. Come in low and shallow and the callouts are generally more correct. Come in high and steeps and the callouts are generally way off. It seems the length of each callout is too long. By the time one callout is finished and the next one is playing the aircraft has already descended through that height. The FeelThere callouts are almost two seconds long whereas the PMDG callouts are around a half second long. Someone gave me the recommendation of replacing the FeelThere callout files with the PMDG ones and it works. The callouts are far more accurate in the EMB with the PMDG files even when coming in high and steep. It’s a good workaround for now, assuming you own a PMDG aircraft.

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As you can see in the video (which happens to be mine 😅) this is indeed quite a bit of an issue. I too used other GPWS sounds from another addon which don't have the 'silence' in the audio files before it, but it didn't completely fix it for me actually. Could it be that the sounds are simply not timed properly or that they are not preloaded into the RAM so they can be played instantly? My sim is on a HDD which, although it's not that slow, is naturally slower than an SSD. Other than that, really enjoying the Embraer so far!

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Yes using the PMDG files doesn't completely fix it for me either, but it's still much more accurate. I conducted an autoland with my replacement GPWS files so I could film the RA and corresponding callouts with my phone. The callouts seem to be played 5 feet below when they should be ("40" at 35 feet, "30" at 25 feet, etc.).


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