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Project Magenta not responding with FSUIPC running FSX-SE

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Hi Everyone

I am making an upgrade in my old computers running the Flight sim

I have upgraded all computers to w10 (last available version running)

on the one running the visuals:

I have  purchased and installed FSX-SE

I have installed last version of FSUIPC (downloaded from Project Magenta link) and seesm to be working because is available on the FSX screen.

one the ones running project magenta  i am running wideclient (from widefs7)

The FSX screen showns the computers connected but the PM software is not responding (like not reading the info coming from the FSX)

when typing CTRL+O  I see in PM FS active, but FSUIPC version says 0.0 (when using a w7 machine ver sion says 4.947) ... i think the problem lie there

I have tried with some older computers still running w7  (for the project magenta thing) and they connect and work perfectly. which makes me think that is an issue with w10

but i am probably wrong.... any ideas around???, otherwise i will be forced to reinstall w7 again...



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Thomas thanks very much

no need, you gave me the tip... looking into the files i found out why all W7 computers were connecting ok and w10 were not... in order to run PM in w7 and connect succesfully to fsuipc there is no need of administrator rights, while in w10 it is abosolutely necesary.

i changed the exe to start always with adminsitrator rights and problem has been solved in w10

thanks  a lot!!!!

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