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Make Runways and RAAS

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I apologize if this is somewhere in the forums already, but I have been unable to find it after what I think is extensive search over the past 2 days.

Can anyone dream up with a reason why the RAAS callouts might still use default runway scenery after Make Runway has been executed?   Especially noticeable with FSDT KORDv2 update, but also noticing at KLAS with recent runway 25/26 change.  At KORD RAAS is still calling Rwy 14/32 which should now be deleted everywhere.  All scenery in P3D is correctly displayed and operational (except for the select RAAS calls).  

LorbySceneryExport.exe version, MakeRwys.exe version both installed in main P3dD v4 folder.  Running both as Admin.  Ran MakeRwys twice as recommended in some forum posts (actually have run it 20 or 30 times with various scenery configuration tests I've tried in case a scenery was incorrectly layered).  

ALL .cfg, csv, bin, xml, fsm, and rws files seem to be created and intact.  In reviewing runway.txt the airports and runway assignments are correct (including standard runway deletion commands from default P3D scenery layers).

i THINK I have everything in the right place . . . this has to be a user error oversight or something very simple, but I seem to be at a loss right now. 

Not the end of the world, but a bit of a frustration.   Thanks for any ideas anyone may have (even to reinforce typical user error if necessary).


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LorbySceneryExport.exe version, MakeRwys.exe version both installed in main P3dD v4 folder.  Running both as Admin. 

there is no need to run the LorbySceneryExport.exe at all. Running MakeRwys.exe is the only program to run, it will then use the LorbySceneryExport itself. When finished it should be all Ok for RAAS.

If RAAS doesn't get the correct Rwys then something seems to be wrong with maybe the installation of RAAS, does RAAS produce a log file?

For testing I would just remove all the file produced by MakeRwys, just to see if RAAS would complain about it, if it doesn't then it would pic up the info from a different source.


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Thanks, Thomas!

Unfortunately I’m pleading ignorance in that I’m not really sure where RAAS is being generated. I don’t have a RAAS add-on installed.  Using P3D, FSUIPC, and Sim Avonics (plus 1000s of Detail add-ons it seems).  RAAS has just always been there - even before I remember using MakeRwys.  My suspicion is there may be a scenery package incorrectly layered or overriding something - just haven’t identified it yet.  I’ll play with it some more and try to report back.  It’s been a bit frustrating - certainly not a show stopper but just one of those things that’s “not right” where my OCD kicks in and I think I have to chase it down LOL. 



Missed this somewhere in the Sim-Avionics documentation.   For those of you running a standalone flightdeck with Sim-Avionics, don't forget on your Sim-Avionics Server computer to complete the following anytime you have an airport scenery or runway numbering change:

1. Run the MakeRwys program as instructed in your main sim folder.

2. Copy the g5 and r5 .csv files that MakeRwys generates into the Sim Avionics Navigation Data folder.

3. Run the Build_Position_Database from within the Navigation Data folder.   A new Position.mdb file will be generated.  

Problem solved!

Thanks to Andy Elesky who posted the fix on the Flightdeck Solutions Sim-Avionics forum - a solution for those of us using Jetmax or FDS flightdecks.



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Resolution to question!
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