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Assign Control Axis to Fuel Levers

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Maybe I missed something, but I am unable to assign the Aerosoft Twin Otter Fuel Lever function to the the mixture levers of my two Siatek throttle controls. I have a registered version of FSUIPC (4.974) but cannot find commands to assign the axis. (this has been cross posted in the Aerosoft support forum also with no suggestions offered)

Can anyone help?

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This is in FSX, the commands are:

ENG1 OFF - Mixture1 Set, parameter = 0 
ENG2 OFF - Mixture2 Set, parameter = 0
ENG1 ON - Mixture1 Set, parameter = 8192
ENG2 ON - Mixture2 Set, parameter = 8192

Since you are  using regular mixture axis' for this I would highly recommend using profiles and then on the axis assignment tab use the right side "set ranges for action".
One to turn off fuel when your physical mixture lever reaches near the top of travel & one to turn on the fuel when your mixture lever reaches the lower part of travel.
There are no midpoints on the AS Twin Otter for MixtureX Set, it is either on (8192) or off (0)

BTW - This information was found using the logging tab in FSUIPC.. A very powerful tool!




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