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Hi everyone, this isn't strictly FSUIPC related, but I have great faith in the assembled genius of the regulars, so here we go anyway.....

I have found around the net numerous sites telling how to wire a cheap 44780 driven LCD display to a parallel port. The LCDs can be picked up for around $3 for a one line x 16 char display, and no electronics are needed to conect them to a parallel port. Four or five of them would be enough for a basic GA radio stack, making this a cheap solution if it's possible.

My question is, though, is it even possible to wire more than one such display to a single parallel port? Getting the data from FSUIPC to the port shouldn't be too tricky, but I don't know if the hardware side is even doable. Does anyone know ?


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Thanks, Ulysses.

I also found this site....


with the wiring diagram for wiring two LCD's to a single Parallel port. There's also a link to download a freeware program to interface with FSUIPC and drive the displays.

Here's what I'm planning to do...


Total cost should be around $40. I got five 2x24 LCD's for $20, of which I'll only use 2, a 25 pin connector, some wire and half a dozen $3 knitter switches.


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