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Spoiler axis jumping and then not returning

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im pretty new to FSX and using FSUIPC and I have an issue.  I assigned my thrust master hotas throttle to the spoilers axis and it jumps around (737-800) and then sticks on fully up and won’t return. I deleted all key binding and axis binding including keyboard and it still doesn’t work.  The paddles work for rudder and the dual works perfectly for the trim so it’s not a controller issue. The axis register from -16383 to 16383. Please help I am starting to melt down. 

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Can you check your assignments in FSX - if you are assigning everything in FSUIPC it is better to disable controllers completely in FSX. If that is not the issue, then I will need further information. Please activate logging of axis controls (from the FSUIPC logging tab, start the sim, load your aircraft and then move your spoiler axis through its full range, then close the sim. Post again and attach your FSUIPC4.ini and .log files and I'll take a look.


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      484 LogOptions=00000000 00000001
[Log closed by user request, and continued in new file]

Looks like you didn't activate the logging for Axis controls, or you activated and clicked the 'New Log' button so you started a new log file which you did not attach. Could you do this again please, make sure the Axis control is being logged, and not start a new log so I can see the complete log file.



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You also seem to have not calibrated your spoilers correctly:

1=0Z,B,0,0,66067,16383    -{ DIRECT: SpoilersEntering=SPOILERS_ARM_OFF }-
2=0Z,B,0,0,66066,15000    -{ Entering=SPOILERS_ARM_ON }-
3=0Z,B,-16384,10237,66068,0    -{ Entering=SPOILERS_ARM_SET }-

You have conflicting ranges: 0-0 for both SPOILERS_ARM_OFF and SPOILERS_ARM_ON, and -16384 - 10237 for SPOILERS_ARM_SET.

You are probably better off calibrating a null zone for your spoiler. From the FSUIPC User Guide (section: The Easy Step-by-Step way to calibrate your controls, P42):

  • The Spoiler (speed brake) control is a little special. It has no “centre” as such, but the facilities for setting a centre in FSUIPC are used to calibrate a zone on your lever in which the spoiler should be “armed”. You don’t need to do this, it is options: if the two centre calibration values are the same (i.e. there is no centre “zone”), then there is no arming action taken by FSUIPC. If, however, you do calibrate with a centre zone, then the values from “minimum” (the left most value), or lower, up to the lowest of the Centre values will all select spoilers down (i.e. parked). The centre zone will arm the spoilers, and the range from the higher of the two centre values up to the maximum (the right-most value) will actually operate the full range from 0% to 100% deployed.

    Note that if you arm the spoilers when on the ground, P3D will deploy them to 100%, as if you have just touched down. However, they should return to the “armed” position when the throttles are advanced.



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