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E175 flaps after SP1


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Thanks for working on SP1.

There is still an issue with the flaps structure on the E175, see below comparison of flaps 2 setting.

Outer flap structure now includes 2 parts however it is hardly noticed as the flap angle once extended is completely off (you can barely see the bottom part extending).






Mods edit: subject line to reflect aircraft being discussed

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Generally I think the trailing edge flaps and wings need to get the same PBR treatment the leading edge slats got.

The wings and trailing edge flaps textures are much lower resolution and you see no light reflection off their surfaces.

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The E170 has got the same issue. You can hardly see the split flaps structure even if the flaps are fully extended. Are there any plans for an E175 model with classic winglets (like on LOT and some Republic Airlines E175s)?

Thanks for the amendments in SP1.


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On 4/30/2020 at 10:43 AM, FeelThere said:

@Shom can you pleease confirm this is from an unmodified wingview?

I did change the view by changing x,y,z settings only in the aircraft.cfg file but why would that impact the animation?

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