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  1. FeelThere

    Newer flight number style

    I see both of your points. So maybe we should have an airline, airport masterlist and only the schedule should be done for each airport, right? Vic
  2. FeelThere

    Newer flight number style

    Why this mix and necessary conversion from IATA to ICAO codes? Only the developers can answer. When we developed Tower!2011 (and T!3D's scheduling is based on it) we had different databases and worked with them this way. We never thought (hoped) one day the community will pick it up and create it's own schedules. Please remind us to change it for the next tower version. I agree, this is confusing. Why each airport folder needs its own airlines & airports file instead of single lookup files for all airports defeats me. It's for the add-on airports compatibility. Just easier to edit one airport of a time instead a global schedule. Thank you Vic
  3. FeelThere

    Year End Sale is ON!

    Unfortunately for various reasons it's very unlikely. However all of the airport add-ons are sold on Steam. Happy New Year Vic
  4. FeelThere

    Tower 3d airport add ons

    Dear Folks, Please let me give you some background about an airport's development. We need to create the visual (3d work) and also the underlying logic (routes, terminals, etc). It was relatively easy for the US airports as we had so much information but for the international airports we keep running into difficulties; layout changes, information that we find late, etc. EGKK was also a special case with it's unused runway; we had to make sure it's a runway and also a taxiway (which wasn't supported by Tower's engine) so we had to come up with a solution (which we did). Everything caused an unexpected delay. Also we could've rushed it out before the holidays but rather try to send out more solid releases. However a good news is that Gabor is pretty close with his Barcelona release so we hope you will see two releases in early next year. Thank you and happy holidays everyone Vic
  5. FeelThere


    Dear Folks, If you work on an airport (ramp) where you have some EMB 170/175/190/195 traffic (or even better you fly them!) and you can help us by a few photos, please let us know. Thank you Vic
  6. FeelThere


    Dear Folks, If you work on an airport (ramp) where you have some EMB 170/175/190/195 traffic (or even better you fly them!) and you can help us by a few photos, please let us know. Thank you Vic
  7. FeelThere

    Multiplayer Issue

    It shouldn't matter if everything is the same on both sides. Vic
  8. FeelThere

    EDDS SP1 is out

    We also added the missing gates as well. Thank you Vic
  9. FeelThere

    new update for Real Traffic

    Alaska, We are FeelThere. All one word 🙂 Vic
  10. FeelThere

    EDDS Airport Errors

    Please see my other reply about European airports. Without satellite this is as close as we can get. Vic
  11. FeelThere

    Tracon!2012 SE not working

    Could you please try to install the latest video driver? Thank you Vic
  12. FeelThere

    Tracon!2012SE Crashes immediately after opening

    Seems like something is shutting Tracon off. Please make sure all antivirus and firewall is off. Vic
  13. FeelThere

    Where is the P3Dv4 Lineage 1000???

    We contacted Simmarket to edit the description and we apologize for the error. We are doing our best to change it on the Simmarket page. If you like our EMB lines, please make sure to follow us on social media and most importantly sign up to our newsletter; soon we will announce something 🙂 Sorry again and thank you Vic
  14. Thank you Folks for the support 🙂 My goal is to enjoy Tower 10 with all of you (I'm not sure how's the wifi at 6 feet under so it would take a while to upload the files from down under and no, I'm not talking about Australia) 🙂 Seriously, you folks surprised us by your support for T!3D and for sure the next version will give you more control (more tools for modding for example). As of "approving" other's work; we never did that and not planning to do that in the future either. We provide a platform to fellow developers (hopefully we will see more with the next Tower release) but we will not provide quality control for them. Thank you Vic
  15. FeelThere


    Gentlemen, I just realized some mods edited and deleted some of the replies. This is a friendly community with lots of support from each other, please don't ruin it. Craig and the other members put dozens (if not more) hours to help creating this community by creating schedules, collecting charts, data, etc. Let's just keep the tone friendly please. Thank you Vic

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