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  1. Hello- Please stay tuned for information regarding new features. Thank you Vic
  2. Interesting. Maybe these are somehow heavier airports. Please let Gabor know at @nyergesdesign
  3. Did you check with other airports too? Unfortunately it looks like a video card that is about to give up. Vic
  4. Could you please explain in more depth? Thank you Vic
  5. Dear Folks, Recently the forum became a less than friendly place. Some of the members are picking on each other and posting just to pick a fight. Could you please refrain from it? It would be pretty unfortunate if we would have to start deleting comments. The holidays are almost upon us, let's just keep this forum a happy place too. We are about to release KDFW and Nyerges Design is planning another release for this year so there will be enough to talk about 🙂 Thank you Vic
  6. Dear Folks, Please make sure you are signed up to our newsletter where we always give updates about updates (pun intended) and early preview of upcoming releases. Thank you Vic
  7. It's the little camera icon on the command window. Vic
  8. So far that's all that I can say. 🙂
  9. KMIA is also our testbed for the next Tower version so it may get delayed. In the meantime we plan to release one more US airport this year and as far as I know, Gabor is preparing an Asian 🙂 Vic
  10. Without officially answering it: 🙂
  11. Dear Folks, Please refrain from mentioning other products here. I know you had no bad intentions, no harms done but I still ask you. thank you Vic
  12. For sure the airplanes will be remodeled from scratch. Currently, we are running tests how many polygons can we squeeze with LOD without major fps loss. We plan to add the following animations: -flaps -gears -reversers -PAX doors -cargo doors In T!3D we use 2 pieces of 512x512 textures per plane. The new planes will receive 5 pieces of 2K textures and PBR. I think this will be the first thing that I can preview for you. What I saw is amazing already. Thank you Vic
  13. Awesome list, thank you! Please keep them coming! As I said I rather not comment any of them individually to make sure I wont open a can of worms, but so many of them on our list already. I can tell you one thing; modding tools and the graphics upgrade are our priority. Some of the new airports we are about to release for T!3D will be used as testbeds for some new modeling and texturing methods we wish to use in the next version. Also, we updated the engine that we'll use for T! XX likely with HDRP and PBR. Our non flight sim game will use something similar graphics wise (sorry folks for the huge youtube link, I just wanted to post the link as an optional view but for some reason, the whole video was pasted and I can't modify it). Vic
  14. Dear Folks, The time has come and we are opening a wishlist topic for our next Tower! XX version. Please note: -we will not reply to all requests -we will not acknowledge or confirm any wishes -some of the ideas will make the next version some of them are not -for some suggestion, we will ask for details but not for all of them -ti keep it clean please only suggestions for the next version. Please don't get offended if we don't reply or comment, we will need to check it on our end and see if we can reasonably add into the next version. We don't know when will the next version be available. Thank you Vic
  15. Dear Folks, We got a new RT from Nyerges Design (posted on BMT already). It supposedly fixes the issues with LFPG and OMDB. Vic
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