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  1. Hi BjΓΆrn, Thanks for the professional attitude! If it's just editing a cfg file no no other hack is involved, then yes, please share it πŸ™‚ Thank you Vic
  2. I would note one thing; we do not handle Real Color or Real Traffic. It's done by Nyerges Design and until you noted I wasn't even aware of the change πŸ™‚. Vic
  3. Tower SE is a payware software. Only customers have a link. This is not a freeware software. Tower! 2011 should work under Windows 10. Please check the FAQ and provide the necessary information so we can help you with the issue. Vic
  4. Hi Anders, Thank you and yes, please feel free to upload it. Thank you Vic
  5. I can confirm; unfortunately this is not available. I apologize if you got a contradicting information. Vic
  6. That is not available for the latest EMB models.
  7. Please check and report your windows version (is it the 2004?). We are aware of the new Windows update somehow changes the voice recognition and sometimes a clean Windows is needed to solve the problem. Vic
  8. EliGrim, Thank you for the suggestion, I agree with you. Looks like either Steam or Windows made some changes and we will investigate it. Happy New Year Vic
  9. Thank you! πŸ™‚
  10. Happy New Year Folks! We are working on an Asian airport now. Best Vic
  11. Thank you very much Chris πŸ™‚ Vic
  12. No need to panic. Everything you purchased from BMT will be available from BMT to download and the same thing applies with FastSpring. Just like with any other website that use either of these providers. Save and reliable. Happy Holidays Vic
  13. We already informed Nyergesdesign to sort out their files. It will be resolved. Did you send this information to our support email at feelthere.zendesk.com? Vic
  14. Yes, we are keeping everything for the old customers. No worries. Vic
  15. Dear Folks, This strange year went by quickly for some and slow for the others. We celebrated our 18th years in business thank YOU! Without your support we will not be here and we could not develop these products. I would like to thank you all for your ongoing support and wish you all happy holidays and a safe and healthy New Year! Vic & Team
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