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  1. FeelThere


    Craig, You are tagging the wrong team. FeelThere has absolutely nothing to do with RC and RT, but I think you already knew it. Vic
  2. FeelThere

    Simple Code Fix/Feature (Cancel)

    It's not that we are not fixing it but each software has it's own cycle. We released numerous SPs for this version of Tower!3D and now it's time to move into the next version with many exciting new features. I saw your other posts and one needed to be moderated; you are more than welcomed here with suggestions and technical issues, but this is not a place to start a flame war. It's a very friendly community and lots of the members are making contributions for the game. Please don't try to ruin it. If you have any of your suggestion regarding the game please let us know, i is possible it will make the next version. Thank you and have a great day 🙂 Vic
  3. FeelThere

    So what's next?

    Yes it is 🙂 Vic
  4. FeelThere

    So what's next?

    Oh come on guys 🙂 You know how to push my buttons 🙂 OK, OK 🙂 Currently, we are testing two airports. I can tell you one. Which one should I tell you the smaller or the big one (not KORD) 🙂 We are in development for 4 other airports one of them is a non-US airport, one of them is an island airport 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend and thank you all for the continuous support! Vic
  5. Dear Controllers, The waiting is over. Dubai is now available for Tower!3D and Tower!3D Pro. Don't forget to update your Real Traffic! Enjoy controlling those heavies 🙂 Vic
  6. FeelThere

    Why the White Models Instead of Defaults?

    It's almost certain it will be done for the next version. I admitted many times based on T!2011 we underestimated the community's need for an editor. It's one of the top priorities for T!3DX. Vic
  7. FeelThere

    Tower 2011 - Is it possible to force daylight?

    Hello, Unfortunately this is not possible. Can you please tell me what do you mean by "Another software provider of Ground EGLL" ? Vic
  8. FeelThere

    DXB update request

  9. FeelThere

    DXB update request

  10. FeelThere

    Tracon Update

    It makes me happy 🙂 Tracon is very close to my heart. I spent endless hours "testing" it during development (or it was my excuse to play). I would never say never in regards to Tracon. As of ATCC the engine is almost fully ready we just need to find a way to get real traffic per sector. I wonder how important would that be? Also we are prepping ourselves up for opening the wish list topic for T!3DX soon. Best Vic
  11. FeelThere

    DXB update request

    Dear Folks, We keep testing it and we are getting close now 🙂 Thank you Vic
  12. FeelThere

    EDDM SP1

    I will nudge Gabor to follow this topic more closely 🙂 Vic
  13. FeelThere

    EDDM SP1

    Did you report these issues to @nyergesdesign? info@nyergesdesign.com Thank you Vic
  14. FeelThere

    EDDM SP1

    It is out already and to make sure I updated the files again, to make sure it works. Please try to download them again. Vic
  15. FeelThere

    EDDM SP1

    Where are you downloading the latest versions? BMT links or somewhere else? Vic

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