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  1. We already upoloaded to Simmarket. Vic
  2. Unfortunately we are not there yet to answer questions. We hope to announce the project officially in the not too distant future. The best way to get the news is by signing up to our newsletter (it's also a good idea because we sometimes run some exclusive newsletter only sales too).
  3. SP on Simmarket. This is our top priority now.
  4. We are testing a few solutions for this. @crbascott is right; this is a full screen application itself so we have to come up with something that works on single and multi monitors as well. We have something that will likely solve it but that feature is among the ones that we will try to keep secret for a while 🙂 Vic
  5. Is there anyone out there who could get us information regarding the paperless strip? Vic
  6. Dear Folks, We just released the SP2 for the EMB v3. Existing customers can download their plane using the same link they received during the purchase. If your link is blocked (most of the time it's caused by the anti fraud system) please contact BMT Micro and sort it out with them. 3rd party resellers will receive the new files in the upcoming days. Besides of many small issues the main topics to address by the SP are: -AT behaviour at speed constraints -VNAV descend speed problems -several visual bugs -P3D5 installer -note: the glass effect wont be installed for P3D5, you need to do that manually from A2A's website- Please leave this announcement without comments. Thank you Vic
  7. I fully agree. For racing I used VR and now I could hardly race without VR (I really wish I would have time for that thought)... I tried VR for flying and while it was very close to the real thing, I couldn't keep flying that way for the reasons above; I had to find keyboard commands, my throttles, etc. So IF we add it for Tower I think I will be the first main tester and for surely (anyone, wink, wink) come up with some solution where you can keep the goggles on and no need to peak out to the keyboard. There are several things we keep hiding about the next Tower development but one of the major thing is to support such a hand free experiences. Interesting discussion, please keep it coming. Vic
  8. Interesting thoughts. I so wish I could post a screenshot of a current version (indeed our marketing team would remove me from my position for sure) 🙂 We are not there yet to let me comment resolution, etc, but VR is a very possible option. More and more simmers are using it and once you try it there is no return. Indeed it shouldn't make the non VR users less important so we will try to make both version as best as possible. Re: wish list. I think I posted it somewhere some statistic about the fact, majority of the requests made our list and most of them got high importance in our internal to-do list. Thank you so much Folks Vic
  9. Thank you Craig. Vic
  10. Indeed it has an "actual ATC simulation" version however with a pricetag of an actual ATC simulator 🙂 However I see your point. We will try to make the new version scalable so lower end computers can hopefully run it. Vic
  11. Craig, do you have any reference that you suggest for the next version? Vic
  12. We have the following lined up: -FAOR (by Gabor) -KIAD -KEWR -EGLL -surprise airport 🙂 Thank you Vic
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