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  1. FeelThere

    EDDM Update

    EDDM was developed by Nyerges Design, let me ping them and ask them to report their status here. Vic
  2. FeelThere

    When is the next SP for Tower3d?

    I try to give my 2 cents as well 🙂 We are a small company and because of that, we can't please everyone even we try hard. A few months ago we ran a poll and we got the result most of the customers need new DLCs. We made lots of changes within the company to try to increase our airport add-on output. Previously we were working on one airport at the time, now we are working on 6. Most of today's FS franchises are well past of their 10th releases (FS, X-plane) and learned/implemented things during their new versions. Others still run on DOS because the developer abandoned them. Tower!3D is the second release of the franchise and each new airport add-on creates a new problem that we need to fix. As you expect we have an internal list of these issues that we plan to address in the next version. For example the infamous spinning planes. Currently, we must fix them at each gate. As you can imagine this is a nightmare 🙂 For the next version we will re-write the whole docking/pushback code to avoid this on the engine level. This is just one example. I hope you understand we try hard to please you and stay in the business too. Some of the comments suggest we are greedy but I stated many times before; if we could sell the same number of copies of Tower!3D as AAA games sell we would gladly offer T!3D for a single dollar 🙂 Thank you Vic
  3. FeelThere

    YMML Melbourne video

    You may wish to ask Nyerges Design.
  4. FeelThere


    Ashman, Battlehawk- When we released T!2011 with it's editor we thought the community will pick it up and there will be dozens of developers to build new airports. It didn't happen. Then we made the mistake and thought there is no need for an external editor for T!3D either so the editor we use is not a separate piece of software instead it has the full source code of the main game and it would take lots and lots of work to make it a stand alone SDK. We rather work on the next version which we plan to include these SDKs. For our kind supporters; we are not planning to charge anything extra for those SDKs.... Thank you Vic
  5. FeelThere


    This is how's a part of Dubai looks like in the editor... in the
  6. FeelThere


    I can't keep my mouth shut: I've heard some rumor of Paris and Tokyo... 😉 Vic
  7. FeelThere


    Currently, 3 of them are (CYVR, YMML, and OMDB) in development and we are researching another 3 at the moment. If everything goes as planned we will have some steady release schedule from around September. Best Vic
  8. FeelThere


    This is how's the development: -first, we need to create the 3D model -we make an XML using the editor -we put it all together in Unity -beta begins -release I hope it answered the question 🙂 Vic
  9. FeelThere


    Hi Ashton, We keep finding issues that we wish to fix before release. Please be a bit more patient. We are working very hard to somehow make the releases more frequent with a goal of one release per month. Thank you Vic
  10. Folks, I would definitely need your input once we open the wishlist topic how do you want us to plan these files. I would be surprised if it would be difficult to change but we will need it as early as the development as possible. Please don't post it here as it will likely be forgotten but once the wishlist topic will be open. Don't worry we plan to leave it open for a while to make sure we get all the requests. Best Vic
  11. FeelThere

    New ERJ's in progress

    Please sign up for our newsletter. We will announce everything in those emails. Thank you Vic
  12. FeelThere

    game crash EGKK

    Hi Kev, If it's a one-off then it's likely one of that unexplained glitch. If it happens again please let us know. Thank you Vic
  13. FeelThere

    Any plan to fix the dynamic lights? Please please!!!

    We are working on the new version of the airplane. https://www.feelthere.com/2019/03/06/announcement-emb-for-p3d4-4/ This will be brand new development, not a fix. Thank you Vic
  14. FeelThere

    Have you considered?

    These are nice ideas, please make sure to let us know once we open the wish list topic for the next version. Thank you Vic
  15. FeelThere

    Have you considered?

    Hello, Are you talking about moving airplanes between gates and various other ramp positions (such as the QFAs at KLAX)? There is some cargo traffic in Real Traffic already. Vic

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