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Unable to calibrate axes

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*** Moved from FAQ section to main support forum ***

Hello, I'm currently trying to get my joystick calibrations done but when i set 1 axis  and try to do the 2 others I get a ring back tone and the the axis stays the same I've tried the Ailerons throttle, Elevators and rudder with the same issues. I've tried resetting and reloading several time.  I have the the current version and all drivers are updated.  Looking for assistants to fix this issue.





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First, you posted in the FAQ section. This section is not regularly monitored for new posts so please post all new support requests in the main support forum. I have moved this post for you.

Are you pressing the 'Rescan' button to set a different axis? If so, and the axis doesn't reset/change, then that axis may be "jittering". If this is the case, you can click the 'Ignore Axis' button to ignore that axis while you assign other axis.

There is also a section in the User Guide entitled 'The Easy Step-by-Step Way to Calibrate Your Controls'. Please review this if you have not done so already.



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