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Missing Ejet V2 Liveries


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I bought today the Embraer E-Jets v.2 Embraer 175 and 195 but do not find the additional liveries. 

Highly detailed Embraer 175 and 195
CALL! for Emb 175/195 included ($17.99 value) – First Officer simulation with checklists callouts and hostesses voices
MAP! included : just like the cabin screens in a real airliner’s passenger cabin, MAP! will display the track of your flight : elapsed and remaining time, distance, altitude, wind information, temperature, more
Flight Simulator X viewpoints : Gear, Wing, Cabin, more
Jetways and luggage trucks connection animations (FSX only).
Detailed interiors (economy/business class) feature superb details
Embark and be welcomed and served by a nice animated flight attendant
Six international airlines including official Embraer house livery
Realistic flight dynamics based on manufacturer specifications.
Realistic sound experience with the real plane digitized sounds: engine, APU, batteries, air conditioning, passenger signs, clicks, more
Numerous animations : hydraulic suspension, flaps, slats, spoilerons, speed brakes, thrust reversers, landing gear, passengers door, cargo hatches, opening cockpit windows,…
Nose wheel steering limited over 40kts
Load Manager


Mods edit: subject line to reflect product

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