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Axis problem with FSUIPC6 - Done

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Hello Pete,

first of all, thanks for the further development of FSUIPC.

I have now bought the update of the 6 version and now have the following problem with Prepar3Dv5 where I need support. I created an empty fsuipc.ini file from the program. No axis programmed yet. Since I have a motorized throttle quadrant from cockpitforyou, I now have the problem, as soon as I give left thrust, the Axis Ailerons goes right too. This is also shown to me under joystick calibration under Ailerons. There are no axes defined under Axis Assignment, not even for Ailerons.

So I have the problem that if I give thrust when taking off and take off, the plane hits right. If I take the thrust back, I can steer again.

How do I get the Aileron Axis away?

Many thanks for the support.

Sincerely yours

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Do you have axis assigned in P3D? If so, remove them, or, better still, disable controllers completely in P3D if you are doing all your assignments in FSUIPC. Note that P3D has a tendancy to re-assign your axis when recognised if you do not disable controllers.

If thats not your issue, could you please post your ini and log files.

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