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FSX Not starting after installing FSUIPC 4

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Hi there,

I've installed FSX and it runs correctly after install. It starts properly every time.
I've then installed a registered copy of FSUIPC V4. The latest version as downloaded from the website.

Now when I go to start FSX I get the initial page and then it closes down immediately.

Can I get some idea of where to start looking or any specific information that might be needed to cure the problem.

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first have a look in FSX's \Modules\ folder where FSUIPC is installed for the FSUIPC4.log file. It might be already produced and gives some info. If it was produce then please copy and paste its content to your message here.

A problen can be a corrupt WX weather file that's corrupt or the usual wxstationlist.BIN file you need to delete, it will be recreated on FSX start, located in 


In addition you can add to your FSUIPC.ini file in ..\Modules\ folder the following line under the [General] section to prevent FSX loding weather forced by FSUIPC


To make sure you use the latest installer, it will be FSUIPC4.975, this is the download link Install FSUIPC4.975  as it includes the installation as well for the FSX-SE Beta version.

Which version of FSX-SE did you install, FSX-SE or FSX-SE Beta?


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Hi Thomas,

Sorry for the delay in replying... Yes... there was a distinct lack of service packs.

Personally I'm going to blame the 1st year computer science student who did the install.

Thanks for you help and insight.



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