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FSX AI Traffic Limiter question

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Hi all

I am using FSX with the latest FSUIPC version. My OS is Windows 10 Pro

I am trying to figure out how to use the Traffic Limiter

If I set the TrafficLimit at 50, all of my ground AI disappears

The same happens when I set AirportPreference at 5. For a moment I see AI traffic on the ground, but then

it dissapears

I would like to see much AI traffic around my departure and destination airports, I don`t care so much

for AI traffic en-route...

Am I doing something wrong?


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3 hours ago, Hageneezz said:

If I set the TrafficLimit at 50, all of my ground AI disappears

Sorry, please clarify. Is that the ONLY thing you are changing? just the limit itself. Nothing else? Because, with just that set, there is no preference whatsoever for any specific traffic type or state, it is purely random. The likelihood of all ground traffic being removed, must be truly infinititesimal. 

However, bear in mind that BGL based traffic (unlike injected traffic like that from injection, like UT2 or UTLive), does mostly get spawned on the ground, and usually quite a while before departure time. Traffic spawned in the air will take longer to generate and will often start a long way away.  However, even if all the deletions made are of ground traffic, you'd still have 50 left. Are you saying the traffic reduces to zero?

Oddly, you say "if I set the limit at 50" but then "the same happens when I set AirportPreference at 5" as if these are alternatives. Without a limit set the other values don't do anything!

I think you need to explain rather more about what you are doing and what you really want to achieve.



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