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Loosing frames with fsuipc7/msfs2020


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*** Moved from main support forum to FSUIPC7-Beta/MSFS sub-forum ***


I have a problem with using fsuipc7 / msfs2020 and my cockpit.

when I run fsuipc I lose frames and the display freezes every second or so.

I have a strange phenomenon that occurs: while my GPU / CPU is running at a certain load without fsuipc it drops when I run fsuipc.

And this even when I lower the graphics to a minimum.
I am enclosing the captures to illustrate this.
Thanks if anyone has an idea!

Sorry for the google traduction...


My conf : i9-9900k / GTX1070 TI  / RAM 32GO / SSD 500GOCPU_FSUIPC.thumb.jpg.9775a02da793f2301d92bf2a802c1460.jpgCPU_noFSUIPC.thumb.jpg.b2606497be788d311a454b1e2c6dc0cf.jpgCPU_FSUIPC.thumb.jpg.9775a02da793f2301d92bf2a802c1460.jpgCPU_noFSUIPC.thumb.jpg.b2606497be788d311a454b1e2c6dc0cf.jpgGPU_FSUIPC.thumb.jpg.75727ef6d3f81a00f99987afac4c31d9.jpg




Edited by John Dowson
Moved to FSUIPC7-Beta/MSFS sub-forum
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First, you posted in the main FSUIPC support forum. As it says in the release note and in the README.txt provided with FSUIPC7-Beta, there is a dedicated sub-forum for FSUIPC7-beta/MSFS. I have moved your post for you.

And if you had checked this sub-forum, you would have seen that this problem has been reported many times. It is an issue with SimConnect that is known and will be addressed in the next patch release of MSFS. Please see 



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