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After period X the left Mouse Button doesnt work


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Hello everyone,

I have the following problem. I have installed FSUIPC7 for FS2020 and after period X (5 minutes - 45 minutes) I suddenly can't perform any actions with the left mouse pointer. 
For example I want to adjust the altitude of the autopilot. But the switches do not react.

With the right mouse button, I can look around as usual. I can also operate the additional windows (camera, radio etc.).
Only in the aircraft the left mouse button does not react anymore.

When I leave the game, I see that FSUIPC7 is no longer running and seems to have been terminated. It looks like that if fsuipc7 crashes, the left mouse button doesn't work anymore.

Does anyone have an idea or an approach?

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12 minutes ago, Golf279 said:

When I leave the game, I see that FSUIPC7 is no longer running and seems to have been terminated

The option Exit with FS (under FSUIPC7 Options menu entry) is set by default, so FSUIPC7 closes when you close MSFS. If you do not want this behaviour, uncheck that option.

As for your mouse problem, I don't think this is anything to do with FSUIPC7 as FSUIPC7 no longer handles any mouse actions. Do you get the same behaviour when FSUIPC is not running?


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