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New to MSFS and FSUIPC7...having issue


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So I'll by saying I've been flying X-plane for the last decade and use several panels I've built and things work great.  But with the release of the new MSFS all my flying buddies wanted to jump on board and use that from now on.  So I got the sim and found out that a lot of stuff I can't seem to map to my panels.  So a friend told me to look into FSUIPC.  

So I have it installed, I run the app, it sits in the tray nicely.  I also have the console window open so I can see what it's doing to see if things are working.  My first goal was to get my G1000 panel mapped out.  So I go to Assignments->Buttons and Switches.  I press the button I want to set up on the panel (MFD Direct button).  I select "Select for FS Control".  I then find G100 MFD Directto from the drop down and select it, and click OK.  When I press it I can see in the console that it doing it....but nothing appears to happen on the flight simulator.  I've mapped the FPL, CLR, ENT, PROC, and Menu button as well, and none of them seem to work in the simulator.  I can see all of them in the console when they are pressed...but nothing happening on the flight simulator.

Am I missing something?  Did I not set up something correctly?

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