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[solved] FSUIPC7 display blank app window with white background but no UI displayed at all


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When I launch FSUIPC, I get a blank resizable window with proper title and menu bar I can select, but I get absolutely nothing inside the window which is blank with white background.
FSUIPC works because I'm connecting with success via WideFs with a wideclient.
Alt-F key to show up FSUIPC7 windows does work.
Console log does work.
Simply : no UI inside the window.

I searched the forum but it seems nobody reported this bug... Or maybe I'm missing something about the UI display ?

EDIT 1 : After viewing a tutorial video of FSUIPC7 beta it seems that I do not have the complete menu items in the app window. I do not have the Assignement menu, so can't open associated UI.
EDIT 2 : Seems related to the KEY, as a registered user of v6 I was using my key, a blank launch from FSUIPC7 install without modifying key file works.

Final edit : keeping the default informations for FSUIPC user licence and adding only my WIDEFS user licence informations solved everything.

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13 hours ago, FsWebIO said:

I get absolutely nothing inside the window which is blank with white background.

The main window of FSUIPC7 is currently empty, and all panels are accessible from the menu bar. For the time being, the main window is just a menu bar really. I am planning to add 'button screen' functionality to the FSUIPC7 main window at some point, as provided by WideFS.

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