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my Antivirus has quaranteened FSUICP7 as it say it contains IDP.generic Malwear is this just a false positive?


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Hi My antivirus has quaranteened   FSUICP7.exe as it says it contains IDP.generic malwear.... I know it's nothing malicious on your part as I've used your software for years and never had a problem, I've done some research online and a lot of people are saying this could be caused by a "false positive" reading making my antivirus think the file is infected when in fact it isn't ..... I was just wondering what your advice would be, am I safe to restore the file and continue as normal or would you recommend I  delete the quarenteed file and the program and re-download?

Thank you for your help

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The threat is usually categorized as false positive detection. This means that the antivirus program that you’ve installed has detected a legitimate or harmless file as risky and either removed or quarantined it. In any case, the detections end up leading to the removal of significant system files or data. But not every threat that is detected is a false positive.

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You might have noticed IDP.Generic coming up on your screen if there is an antivirus software installed in the system. This is an indication of the presence of a generic malware, and is something that is most commonly seen by the Avast and AVG users. It’s important to note that IDP.Generic can turn out to be really harmful for the computer. You can remove it easily with this guide

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