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Logging only a changing but unknown offset?

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I have standard gauges and some custom gauges in my home-built cockpit.  The gauges were made by Flight Illusion and their control software requires interfacing with FSUIPC to control the gauges.  It uses the standard offsets for most of their functions.  The standard gauges work well and some aircraft work well with my custom gauges (Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure) using the standard offsets you have in your documentation. 

I do have a couple of aircraft, one of which my cockpit is modeled after, that is giving me issues, Aerosoft's PBY Catalina - The Flying Cat.  Using your logging and offset display functions I can get the accuracy down pretty good for most everything by logging the offset data tied to what the on-screen gauge is actually showing.  The exception to this is the PBY and the Fuel Pressure gauge.  Flipping a fuel pressure switch in the sim does not show any change to the offset data for 08F8 or 0990, the standard for the Eng #1 & 2 Fuel Pressures, even though the on-screen gauges are indicating a pressure.

I am thinking that Aerosoft is using a different offset than the standard.  Is there a way to set logging up so that ONLY an offset that is changing is logged/stored?

I am using the 5.152 version of FSUIPC in the 4.5 Prepa3d sim.

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first, latest FSUIPC version to use is FSUIPC 5.157 you should update to.

There is no way in FSUIPC to log only changing Offsets of all available Offsets.

As it is an Add-On AC it will be that they use L:Vars rather than additional non standard Offsets. You should have a look at the AC's L:Vars and log them. FSUIPC5 for Advanced Users.pfd p38, Gauge local variable access (L:vars), by macro.


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Thank you for this info, it has enlightened me!

I now see where this particular AC does use LVars, for the Fuel Pressure and the Cylinder Head Temp gauge...the other gauge I was having difficulties with.  To compound the CHT issue, I am seeing two custom LVars used for CHT, one for a raw value and another for some sort of adjustment factor that stays stable until the first LVAR reaches a certain temp then jumps to another adjustment factor.

The question now becomes a matter of, is there a way to map these LVars into an unused offset?  The control software for the gauges only works with offsets within their function library.

Maybe a macro within FSUIPC can do this type of thing?

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