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P3D v5.1 GS Capture Fail

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P3D v5.1.8.26742
FSUIPC v6 latest version
Several hardware unchanged
Windwos 10 Prof, updated to latest updates available
Aircraft: FSX 747-400, original panel
Our software: VB6 external programm connected thru FSUIPC or WideFS

Since approx 2 weeks (we assume it was updating to this latest version of P3D) we have the problem that APP mode when engaged thru our software and FSUIPC does only capture VORLOC and not anymore the GS. However when we engaged thru mouse click on the panel button APP it works fine. The values of the variables are write and read correctly by FSUIPC

We run FSX, P3d v1, v2, v3, v4, v5 without any issues.

Does anyone have such issues found ?
Best regards

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On 11/21/2020 at 5:54 PM, peterk54 said:

However when we engaged thru mouse click on the panel button APP it works fine.

Maybe you can check what event this is using (by activating logging for events (non-axis controls)), and compare to that produced by v5 or v4, as well as comparing to what occurs when you try this through your software.

From what you are saying, it does seem like a change in 5.1.

I'm surprised you are using the ' FSX 747-400, original panel' - did you copy this across from FSX and install into P3D?
I have FSX-SE still installed somewhere, I can try adding that to my P3D installations (now only 4.5 & 5.1 though) to see if something has changed, but this would take me a while.
I probably won't have time to do this for a few weeks with my current backlog, so may be better if you can investigate this and report back for the time being.



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Dear John
Thank you for advise. I assume you are very busy with more important topics for the community. I try myself to fix.

Yes, we copied the FSX XML gauges including our models. The autopilot panel is a set of various switches (change switch picture, send command i.e. AP APP HOLD ...) and displays. No real logic behind. It uses the FSX / P3D internal autopilot which was fine until now. The moesl we use our ones as they are very simple and do not use a lot of resources. We fly real cockpit sections and never look from outside to the aircraft. Just used as externeal view without panel.

On another sim (setup with P3D v4) we could not sort out why the FSX model used does not retract the front gear and why wheel-brakes do not work anymore. Parking brake does.

However we are thankfull that P3D exists and FSUIPC WideFS do a wonderfull job !
Take care, stay healthy

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