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14 hours ago, cchiozza said:

When trying to assign a key press FSUIPC7 keeps defaulting to a button and will not let me assign another button

This is usually due to a faulty button that keeps firing. You can ignore this in the assignments panel by using the IgnoreThese ini parameter in your [Buttons] section - from the Advanced User manual:



IgnoreThese: This can be used to list a number of buttons which are to be ignored by FSUIPC in the Buttons &
Switches tab. This is to deal with faulty button signals which are repeating without control and thus preventing the
others from being registered on the screen ready to program. The parameter takes this form:

IgnoreThese= j.b, j.b, ...
listing the joystick number (j) and button number (b) of each button to be ignored. To make it easy, you can edit the INI
file whilst in the Button assignments dialogue and simply press “reload all buttons” to activate the changes.
Note that the action of ignoring buttons only applies in the button assignments dialogue—if they are already assigned
the assignment will still be effective.
You can also use the wild card '*' for the button number, in which case all buttons will be ignored. This is for
convenience only, and when used this line in your ini will be re-written to contain the complete button list (numbers 0-
This parameter can also be used in the [Axes] section of the FSUIPC7.INI, using the axes letter instead of the button
number (see later).



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