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FSUIPC 7 No Longer Connects To Logitech Panels


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I'm not sure what has happened or what to do next.  I had been really enjoying using FSUIPC7 with MSFS for the past two weeks after updating FSUIPC for MSFS.  To be honest, a big reason why I hadn't been using the sim much was because my Logitech/Saitek panels weren't working but with FSUIPC7, they were all working flawlessly.  On yesterday that changed, and I don't know what happened.  Now when I launch the game they won't connect.  I did a system restore and well as uninstalled and reinstalled FSUIPC7 and still no success.  Any suggestions???



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Hi Gary,

What exactly isn't working? Your log shows your 4 devices acquired ok, and you have various assignments that should work.
The log also shows you loaded the Bonanza G36, for which you have no profile set-up, so it will just use the default (general) profile. Looking at your ini,  you have your throttle, PropPitch and Mixture axes set-up in the general Axes section (i.e. your throttle axes) , but no elevator, aileron or rudder. In fact, you do not have these axes (yoke) assigned anywhere (i.e. in any profile) - do you have these set-up in MSFS?

Are the assignments you have working ok, i.e. the throttle should work in all aircraft - does it?

You have also assigned your axes to 'Direct to FSUIPC Calibration' but have not calibrated your axes. You should really do this - see the User guide for details.

Maybe you could calibrate your axes and tell me in more detail what isn't working. Can you see each of your devices axes/buttons in the FSUIPC assignments windows?
You could also activate button and event logging (and later axes) and operate some buttons to see what is logged.


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I figured out what the problem was.  When you said something must have changed I went back and put my disks in to re-run the drivers from the disks I had for each panel.  That did the trick.  I also went in and assigned all axes.  Thanks so much for the excellent support you guys provide and I am very happy to say FSUIPC 7 is the reason I have been flying MSFS 2020 more.



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