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Avoiding Crash to Desktop (Temp Solution?)


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I was going to post this to the thread below as that is where there was a good discussion of the CTD issues, but since there have been a few more posts about this since then I thought I would start a new one.

This probably will not provide any explanation from a programming perspective, so take it simply as "This is what is working for me", I do not have the knowledge to explain why.

The short answer is uninstall FSUIPC (save any documentation you want from your my documents FSUIPC folder somewhere outside of my documents). In the thread linked above John provided a link to just the 7.03 exe file (it does not live within an installer). Download that and save it somewhere (not sure if it makes a difference, but I have it on a slave drive).

Then run that exe first before starting MSFS. After it is running start MSFS as you would if you were not going to use FSUIPC (you don't really have a choice as uninstalling it took away the shortcut to start them together)

Doing it this way I have been getting 8 hour flights without an issue. Granted I have just set them on AP and gone across the US, but every hour or so when testing I would turn that off and do some hand flying without an issue. All take offs and landings were done manually without issues including taxiing to the gates and ultimately exiting MSFS as normal.

Again it may not make sense why it works, and may not work for everyone, but it is working for me.

Here is what I experienced prior to doing it this way. In each instance where there is a CTD mentioned the logs showed the same errors everyone else is referencing (aka the long story)

FSUIPC 7.01 and MSFS version at that time: No issues

FSUIPC 7.02 first released and MSFS version at the time: No issues

FSUIPC 7.02 and updated MSFS: CTD (MSFS alone: no issues)

Replaced the FSUIPC exe with 7.03 (from link above): CTD (MSFS alone: No issues)

Uninstalled FSUIPC and then just ran the standalone 7.03 exe: SUCCESS! No CTD

Installed FSUIPC 7.03 the next day when John released the full installation package: CTD

Uninstalled FSUIPC and went back to running it with the stand alone 7.03 ext: SUCCESS! No CTD

Finally, even when running the standalone 7.03 exe if I start MSFS first and then start FSUIPC: CTD

Again I cannot explain it, but hopefully that will not only work for others, but may provide some insight as to why running it as an installed program results in a CTD.


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Hi Robert,

there is no difference running the downloaded stand-alone exe than running the one installed by the installer. They are one and the same exe. The installer will just add a couple of registry entries which are used by the installer (and not the FSUIPC7.exe) to check what is installed before re-installing. So I'm pretty baffled by this...

This issue seems to be due to a server-side issue with SimConnect. For now, its best to report all CTDs to Asobo, including the relevant crash report.



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