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TBM 930 - CWS and inertial separator


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1 hour ago, Anguisette said:


has anyone found a way to control either the CWS push-button (on the yoke) or the INERT SEP switch (on the anti-ice panel) from FSUIPC?  i can't find anything relevant in either the controls list or the offsets spreadsheet.

Based on my experience with others sims, if the aircraft developer does not provide the needed key bindings, using FSUIPC to manipulate controls that are very specific (or unique) to a particular aircraft usually requires access to the associated sim Lvars (Local variables). Currently FSUIPC7 does not have access to MSFS Lvars so I think you may be stuck with operating these controls with the mouse, at least for now.


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thanks - i thought that might be the case (especially given the lacklustre quality of the MSFS default aircraft), but it doesn't really work for the CWS button since you have to hold it down - a bit difficult when trying to move the yoke at the same time 🙂

that said, i'm not convinced CWS is even implemented at all in the MSFS autopilot, so perhaps it doesn't matter...

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