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Lineage 1000 Business Jet Conversion for E190 V3


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[message edited for better overview - original request quoted in reply #3]

Hey guys,

I decided to work myself through the feelThere E-Jet V3 Embraer E190 for Prepar3D v4 and create a simulator version of the Lineage 1000 Business Jet – with its increased capabilities as a range of approximately 4600nm.

The conversion is rather simplistic and does not include any work on flight characteristics or fuel consumption etc. [lack of documentation and of course a lack of skills], but is based on an increased fuel capacity for the existing wing tanks and updated weights. But nevertheless, it works for my needs and I wanted to share them with all of you – just in case some of you wanted to fly longer routes with the Embraer as well 😉

Those are the specifications of the resulting E190ECJ Lineage 1000:

§  Empty Weight:                           32133kg // 70841lbs

§  MZFW:                                        36500kg // 80469lbs

§  MTOW:                                        54500kg // 120152lbs

§  MLW:                                           45800kg // 100972lbs

§  Fuel Capacity (in 2 tanks):         21871kg // 48217lbs

§  Payload:                                      4500kg   // 9921lbs

§  Range:                                         4600nm

§  Passengers:                                13-19

§  Engines:                                      82kN/18500lbs of thrust

Please bear in mind that you need the original feelThere E-Jets V3 E170/E190 package and that this conversion does not ensure to be fully complete or to be without mistakes – but if you find errors please be so kind and comment them in this thread – in the community we might better find solutions
Using this conversion guide is on your own risk! Conversion was done and tested in Prepar3D v4.5


Those are the steps I took:

1.       Go to your Aircraft Folder (…\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D\SimObjects\Airplanes)

2.       Copy and Paste the “feelThere PIC E190” folder and rename the copy “feelThere PIC Lineage”

3.       Open the new folder (“feelThere PIC Lineage”), copy and paste the Aircraft.cfg and rename the copy Aircraft.cfg.bak, to have a proper back-up of the original data.

4.       Check whether you have specific textures that you want to keep for the Lineage version – I for instance only kept the House colours coming with the original package, as I could not find a proper Lineage texture so far (hints or painters are very much welcome), delete all other texture entries from Aircraft.cfg and delete the associated texture folders from your “feelThere PIC Lineage” folder.

5.       Update the Aircraft.cfg for proper details in aircraft menu – I have it as following:


title=Embraer ERJ-190-100ECJ Lineage 1000 House
ui_typerole="Business Jet"
ui_type=ERJ-190-100ECJ Lineage 1000
ui_variation=House Colours


6.       There are also some description elements in the Aircraft.cfg that can see small changes:


performance=Maximum Cruise Speed: Mach 0.82, Passengers: 19, Range: 4600 nm


7.       Now let’s have a look at the needed Fuel/Weight Updates to the Aircraft.cfg:
(Adjusted lines highlighted in orange – “//” marks a comment)

empty_weight                                    =  70841.00  // Increased from 61185.00 (E190LR)       
max_gross_weight                            =  120152.00  // Increased from 114199.00 (E190LR)

reference_datum_position                =  0.0,  0.0,  0.0
empty_weight_CG_position              =  -3.25,  0.0, -3.0
empty_weight_pitch_MOI                 =  484738.60
empty_weight_roll_MOI                    = 178874.50       //  258874.50
empty_weight_yaw_MOI                   =  978276.00       // 1128276.00       empty_weight_coupled_MOI            =  0.00
CG_forward_limit                              =  -2.35
CG_aft_limit                                       =  -3.45

max_number_of_stations                  = 10      //Average human weight 175lbs
station_load.0                                    = "175,    41.0,-2.0, 2.0, Pilot"
station_load.1                                     = "175,    41.0, 2.0, 2.0, Co-Pilot"
station_load.2                                    = "175,    33.0, 0.0, 1.0, Cabin Crew"
station_load.3                                    = "175,   -31.0, 0.0, 1.0, Cabin Crew"
station_load.4                                    = "3300, -6.1,  0.0, -3.0, Passengers"  // prior 12160 (E190LR)
station_load.5                                    = "6600, -6.1,  0.0, -3.0, Cargo"        // prior 7189 (E190LR)

station_load.6                                    = 
station_load.7                                    = 
station_load.8                                    = 
station_load.9                                    = 

LeftMain                                             = -6.0, -15.0, -2.5, 3611.0, 0 
RightMain                                           = -6.0, 15.0, -2.5, 3611.0, 0

fuel_type                                            = 2                            
number_of_tank_selectors                = 2
electric_pump                                    = 1


Please keep in mind:

Config Manager incompatible to adjustments! Changes to weight and balance have to be done via P3D menu!

The aircraft is not suitable for max payload and a complete fuel capacity! One of the variables have to be reduced in order to maintain below MTOW! Also please check for MLW!


Simbrief Aircraft Config on base of Embraer demonstrator registration PP-XTE:


Used Sources:

https://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/sdk/simulation_objects/aircraft_configuration_files.html#Testing Changes to aircraft.cfg



Hope you can get it to work and enjoy it 😉 

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Hey Vic, 

Thank you for your reply - in that case I'll update the first posting with the instructions, to keep it as easy as possible and copy my previous message down in here:


Hey there,

Over the last two days I was created a conversion for the E190 V3 for my personal use, in order to create the ERJ-190-100ECJ Lineage 1000 Corporate Jet version with the associated higher range. It is a conversion which is actually quite simplistic (expansion of the fuel capacity/change of the weights), but seems to works quite nicely for me, especially with the associated adjusted Simbrief aircraft specifications. It gives the E190 an increased range to about 4600nm and therefore some nice fields where I could use it for on my sim.

However I would be happy, if I could share the steps which the community, so that more of you would be able to enjoy the larger capabilities of the E-Jets.

So therefore my question to the relevant souls here at @FeelThereAre you OK with a guide to be released in here containing those steps, especially in regards to copyrights etc? It would basically only contain some adjustments to be manually made to the Aircraft.cfg listed up and not any manipulated files of the add-on itself. In case you want to check it out prior posting, I can send you a version of my notes beforehand to your corporate mails or so.

Best Regards


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