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MSFS 2020 Constant Crashes to desktop

Oren Shoham

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Hi There, I downloaded FSUIPC 7 (Non Paid version) to use with Self Loading Cargo for MSFS 2020. I found the I was getting constant crashes to the desktop, usually before takeoff. FS would freeze and I would be back at Steam. I thought this maybe because I was not using a paid version, or that I was using a livery pack at the time. If it helps I was on one aircraft A320 Neo. Am I doing something wrong? This was using the FSUIPC 7 quick launch Icon and going in through Steam. Cheers Oren

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There is currently a known issue that is causing CTDs in MSFS when using SimConnect clients. There are various threads on this issue (both here and on the Asobo forums). Asobo are aware of this and its under investigation. The trigger seems to be related to the amount of data going through simconnect, and FSUIPC is a pretty heavy user.
Some people have had success by disabling the reception of AI data in FSUIPC, by adding the following to the [General] section of your FSUIPC7.ini file:

As FSUIPC7 is now a separate application (rather than an embedded dll), it should not cause MSFS to crash, and any MSFS CTDs should be reported to Asobo, with the windows event viewer details attached as well as the crash dump, if available.


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