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FSUIPC 4 for FSXSE - I haven't got a problem!

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I decided to give FS2020 another 6 months and in the meantime revisit FSX by installing FSXSE on my new Win 10 Pro/i9-10900k rig, and re-install my photoscenery. I haven't flown FSX for some years. Many years ago I burned the midnight oil learning to program my TM Cougar using James Hallow's 'Foxy' software - very powerful but made my brain hurt. This time round I decided to buy a copy of FSUIPC4, learn to use it on my Cougar (flying an A2A Cub), and then progress to my A2A C172/ Honeycomb Alpha. 

So my only "problem" is, it's just too easy and works 'straight out of the box'. I'm having some trouble adjusting to the idea that if you want a particular button to transmit a particular command/key stroke, you just press it and pick the one you want. I almost miss the 100-page Foxy manual. And you can do it on the fly! Outstanding. I see some kind person has already written a script for the Alpha/Bravo, got an Alpha and hoping for a Bravo (and an RTX 3080!) this year sometime.

So all I wanted to say was, thank you very much for a fantastic piece of software.

Best wishes


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