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FSUIPC7 - HOT KEY to set the sim rate to 1 (256) normal


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FSUIPC7 and MSFS2020

hi, how can I do to set a key or a combination of keys or a hotkey to return the simulation to normal speed? On FSUIPC4 I remember that there was the possibility of setting a HOTKEY to bring the simulation speed to normal. 1x or 256 The sim rate set obviously doesn't work. If this works, how must the Sim Rate Set parameter be compiled to bring it to normal speed 1x or 256? Example: x001 or x0256

Currently I use keys to increase or decrease the simulation speed and I read the value on IPC 0C1A s16. How can I do? Thank you

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  • giampa changed the title to FSUIPC7 - HOT KEY to set the sim rate to 1 (256) normal

There are no hot keys in FSUIPC7, apart from the hot key to display/hide FSUIPC7 itself.

Offset 0x0C1A was previously reported as working (as its marked in green in the offset spreedsheet) but I've just taken a look and it doesn't seem correct. I can see the value change occasionally, but it jumps back to 0, but sometimes shows other values (32, 64, 128).

There are also no controls exposed via simconnect to control the sim rate, although there are some MSFS controls to increase and decrease (as well as set the sim rate). You can assign these to keys (in MSFS) and then assign buttons to these key presses in FSUIPC. However, there is no control to return to normal speed, and it difficult to know when you are at normal speed without that offset working!

Here are some Asobo references to the issue, where another tool for this is mentioned that you could try:

I will look into offset 0x0C1A to see what is happening with this, but this will take a while. I'm concentrating on providing lvar access at the moment, and am making a note of such issues and will look into them once I've released a beta of the WASM lvar access module.



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