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Problem with FSUIPC6 and ATC

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I have been having a problem with the ATC menu in P3Dv4.5 as well as the GSX menu.  The number keys would not work in making selections in the menus.  I could only make a selection with the mouse.  I requested help on several different forums but no one had an answer.  Today I did a complete re-install of P3D and started adding items one at a time and starting P3D and checking atc each time.  As soon as I enable FSUIPC6 on startup and start a flight the menu problem begins.  I began having this same problem a couple of months ago when I was using FSUIPC5 but didn't realize FSUIPC was the issue.  I just switched to FSUIPC6 a week ago.  Can you help me find why FSUIPC is causing this problem.  I have been using FSUIPC registered version for many years without this problem.


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15 minutes ago, Jerry McCarroll said:

I tried it both with keyboard numbers and numpad keys.

The numpad keys won't work, so please don't try/use them while testing.

Your log file is also useless to me. You closed and started a new log. Please don't do this - I need to see the entire log.
Please follow my instructions again and show me the entire log file. DO NOT activate any other logging other than that requested.

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